When we have to convert temperature indigenous kelvin to degree celsius then we subtract 273 from the provided temperature.

Whereas if we have actually to transform temperature from degree celsius to kelvin then we add 273 right into the provided temperature.

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Therefore, convert 5 level celsius temperature into kelvin together follows.

(5 + 273) Kelvin

= 278 k

Thus, we can conclude the 278 k temperature is same to


A heavy, 6 m long uniform plank has actually a fixed of 30 kg. The is positioned so that 4 m is supported on the deck that a ship and 2 m sti

A vessel at rest at the origin of one xy coordinate device explodes right into three pieces. Just after the explosion, one piece, of ma




magnitude and (b) direction (as one angle loved one to the x axis) the the velocity

You space driving under the roadway at 30 mph (miles every hour) when you view the web traffic light adjust to red. The red light is 300 feet


45 s


To uncover the time the takes to stop, we first find the deceleration, a that the car from

v² = u² + 2as and also a = (v² - u²)/2s were v = final velocity of vehicle = 0 mph = 0 m/s, u = early stage velocity of car = 30 mph = 30 × 1609.34 ft ÷ 3600 s = 13.41 ft/s and s = street = 300 ft. Substituting the values right into a, us ave

a = (v² - u²)/2s = (0² - 13.41²)/2×300 = -0.3 ft/s²

We then find the time because that this deceleration native v = u + at ⇒ t = (v - u)/a

t = (v - u)/a = (0 - 13.41 ft/s)/-0.3 ft/s² = - 13.41 ft/s/-0.3 ft/s² = 44.7 s ≅ 45 s

So the takes 45 seconds to stop.

The atomic mass is always equal come the amount of protons and also neutrons in the nucleus. If you include the number of protons and also neutrons (8 + 10) = 18 friend will discover that the atom mass is 18.

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Perform an net search to learn about grounding wires, fuses, and also circuit breakers. Specifically,
A soil wire provides a conducting course to the planet which is separate and also independent indigenous the course of an electrical appliance. Also, a ground cable is secondary pathway for an electric present to safely go back to the ground there is no imposing danger to anyone in the event that a brief circuit might occur. This is particularly important because that shock hazard because it pressures the breaker to trip by providing a course to the floor if ever before a warm wire comes in contact with a metal case of the appliance.A fuses and also circuit breakers border the current which have the right to possibly flow in a circuit. The metal filament existing in the fuse will certainly melt and break the connection. On the various other hand, the circuit breaker with its bimetallic strip"s heater effect causes a bending and also tripping that a spring-loaded switch.