Ever due to the fact that Saratoga Springs voted to save its commission kind of government intact in November 2020, Saratoga Living has actually been focusing in on the duties of every of the city’s 5 commissioners to offer Saratogians a much better idea of exactly how their neighborhood politicos operate. And also it’s all come under to this: election Day is Tuesday, November 2, and also each commissioner’s chair is up for grabs. Here, we recap ours commissioner coverage from the critical year so that you can be as informed as feasible ahead that this year’s vote.

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Commission type of Government

One source of the controversy regarding Saratoga’s governmental framework is the fact that, in the grand system of things, it’s relatively rare. Only three percent of united state cities use a commission kind of government, in which voters elect multiple commissioners—each the whom room responsible for a certain city department and one of whom is designated “mayor”—to a little governing board. The commissioners, that are elected every two years, likewise constitute the legislative human body of the government.

The commission form of government is really rare.Cities in new York That have actually a Commission form of Government

• Saratoga Springs• Mechanicville• Sherrill (also has actually a city manager)

Of the 30 most populous urban in the US, Portland, OR (No. 29), is the only major city with a commission type of government.

How Saratoga’s commission kind of federal government is structured.The History

The seeds of Saratoga’s governing style were planted an ext than 1,800 miles far in Texas. Originally referred to as the Galveston Plan, the commission type of federal government debuted in Galveston, TX, following a terrible hurricane there in 1900. In the consequences of the herbal disaster, a commission to be appointed to govern Galveston if it was being rebuilt, and eventually, the commissioners came to be elected by well-known vote, rather of gift appointed. The new type of government spread in popularity throughout Texas, and then the remainder of the country in between 1907 and also 1920, during which 500 cities, consisting of Saratoga, embraced it.

The Mayor
Saratoga mayor Meg Kelly is not seeking reelection. (Francesco D’Amico)Fast facts about the mayor position:

• The mayor is thought about the “CEO of the City,” however doesn’t have actually any more power than the city’s 4 other commissioners.

• The position is technically claimed to be part time—but in actuality, it’s an extremely much a full time role. 

• The mayor’s yearly salary is just $14,500. “It’s ridiculous,” says existing Mayor Meg Kelly. “You can put that quote in there. ‘The mayor states it’s ridiculous!’ yet that’s why we can’t get civilization to run. The a real big problem.”

• yes no term limit. Addison Mallery (1936-59) to be the longest-serving Saratoga mayor, logging eight two-year terms.

Some noteworthy Saratoga mayors include:

• Harry E. Pettee (1918-19), that embezzled $300,000 after his term ended

• Clarence H. Knapp (1924-27), a humorist and also contributor to The brand-new Yorker

• Sarto J. Smaldone (1970-73), owner that the Malta Drive-In

• Almeda C. Dake (1990-95), mommy of Stewart’s Shops president and CEO Gary Dake

This year’s mayoral gyeongju is between four candidates:

Heidi Owen West, the republican; Ron Kim, the democrat; Robin Dalton, that is running on the Saratoga more powerful Together ballot line; and Maxwell Rosenbaum, that is running on the Working families ballot line.

The Commissioner of windy Safety
Current Commissioner that Public safety Robin Dalton through Saratoga Police chief Shane Crooks (left) and Fire chef Joe Dolan. Dalton is to run for market in the 2021 election.The Commissioner runs:

• The Police Department• The Fire Department• Emergency Management• website traffic Control• pet Control• password Enforcement

The Commissioner oversees:

• approximately 200 employees (compared come the mayor’s department, which has 30 employees)

• A budget of around $26 million (compared to the mayor’s department, which has a spending plan of $2.57 million)

In a usual year, the Public safety Commissioner…

• works on details safety problems at hand and the efforts he or she campaigned upon

During COVID, the Public security Commissioner also…

• had the daunting task the implementing the city’s COVID an answer and emergency monitoring plan

This year’s Public safety Commissioner race is in between three candidates:

James Montagnino, the democrat; Tracey LaBelle, the republican; and David Labate, who is to run on the Working family members ballot line.

The Commissioner of windy Works
Current Commissioner Anthony “Skip” Scirocco is search his eighth term.

Public works, through definition, faces the structures and also services essential to a city and its citizens. That’s every little thing from upkeep the public buildings to managing a city’s sewage system system. 

In Saratoga, the Commissioner of windy Works’ duties include: 

• monitor of street and highway maintain (snowplowing, leaf pickup, sanding/salting)

• Maintenance and beautification that the city’s buildings and grounds

• Maintenance and also inventory that the city’s infrastructure

• administration of water and sewer billing

• Maintenance and use of congress Park

• Use and also rental the the carousel, Canfield Casino and other city facilities

• monitor of the City Engineer’s office

This year’s Public functions Commissioner race is between three candidates:

Domenique Yermolayev, the democrat; present Commissioner Anthony “Skip” Scirocco, the republican; and Donald Reeder, that is to run on the Working families ballot line.

The Commissioner that Finance
Michele Madigan is currently in her 5th term as Commissioner of Finance, however will not look for reelection this November.The Commissioner of Finance serves as the… 

1. Substitute because that the mayor

2. City taxes collector

3. Bursar (a an elaborate name for financial administrator) of city funds

4. Internal auditor

5. Custodian that city monies

6. Keeper that city jae won records

7. Budget chairperson

8. Certifier of city payrolls

But that’s not all:

“In this kind of government, we’re likewise councilmembers,” says current Commissioner of Finance Michele Madigan, that has already announced the she will certainly not look for reelection this November. “As such, I have the right to really take on any kind of project i want. In mine 10 years as a councilmember, I’ve tackled plenty of points that fall outside of the classic duties of the commissioner the finance, choose the 2.5-megawatt solar park. Ns led the forward in a partnership with Sustainable Saratoga.”  

This year’s Finance Commissioner race is in between four candidates:

Minita Sanghvi, the democrat; JoAnn Kiernan, the republican; Adam Israel, that is running on the Saratoga stronger Together ballot line; and Sierra Hunt, who is running on the Working families ballot line.

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The Commissioner the Accounts
Eight-term Commissioner the Accounts man Franck is no seeking reelection.The Commissioner of accounts serves as the…

1. City Clerk, that is keeper of the City Council conference minutes; custodian of city documents; goalkeeper of the city seal; issuer the licenses and permits; and recorder of birth, death and marriage certificates, burial permits and certificates that residency

2. City Assessor, responsible because that the evaluate of property, preserving assessment records and also overseeing the plank of assessment Review

3. City purchase Agent, who ensures all city purchases room made in compliance with brand-new York State law and city to buy guidelines

4. Registrar of an essential Statistics, that receives, files, indexes and acts as the custodian of all city documents

5. Issuer and Collector of patent Fees and also Rents, who collects fees and rents because that matters in ~ the commissioner’s jurisdiction

This year’s accounts Commissioner gyeongju is between three candidates:

Dillon Moran, the democrat; Samantha Guerra, the republican; and Angela Rella, that is to run on her very own Accountability Party ballot line.