all the these: in ~ the exact center of the picture, simply behind the head that the number of Jesus, and also on the horizon line.

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During the 20th century, i beg your pardon of the following became a recognized facet of art?


A vital feature of pattern is:


In painting and also drawing, artists often use the method of ________ to define the way shadows and also light define the form of forms.


One usual issue dealing with those who work-related to conserve works of art is:

All of these answers are correct: the result of light, the job-related of earlier restorers, transforming levels of heat and also humidity, pollution.

In drawing, the outer limits of two-dimensional develops are identified by ________, when the outer limits perceived amongst three-dimensional develops are defined by ________.

outlines; edge lines

Mixing two primary colors produces a ________ color.


A black-and-white photograph of a scene eliminates the hues and also intensities the the scene’s colors yet captures the ________ the the colors.


In art, forms that imply forms uncovered in nature are called ________ shapes.


"Baker-Miller" describes the shade that:

seemed come calm and also relax violent kids in researches of colors’ results upon the mind and body.

Which artist offers light itself together the key material and whose work boosts our awareness the light as a existence in the world?

Doug Wheeler

The use of atmospheric view is a prominent facet of i m sorry work?

Lake George by john Frederick Kensett

The 18th-century Indian paint of Maharana Amar Singh and others watching musicians and also acrobats makes use of the 2 most simple visual cues because that implying depth ~ above a level surface. Lock are:

position and also overlap.

Artists have the right to portray _________ textures that are created to look like something various other than a level painted surface.


Which the the visual facets can ideal be described as "the route of a relocating point"?


In the additive procedure of shade mixing, red light, environment-friendly light, and blue light incorporate to develop ________ light.

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Charles White’s Untitled illustrates the technique of:


Lines are supplied in arts to indicate:

All of these answers space correct: boundaries between forms, direction and also motion, shadows and highlights, spatial depth on level surfaces.

Raphael’s The Madonna of the meadows is composed using the implied shape of a:


In Albrecht Dürer’s woodcut The Draftsman drawing a Reclining Nude, the draftsman is making use of a an equipment to assist him attain the effect of: