americans had always seek come broaden the size that their nation, and also transparent the 19th century they extended your manage towards the Pacific Ocean. However, by the 1880s, countless American leaders had come to be persuaded the the unified claims need to sign up with the imperialist powers of Europe and create nests overseas. Imperialism—the policy in which stronger nations prolong your economic, political, or military manage over weaker territories—was currently a tendency around the world.

1. What is imperialism and also why did America desire to exercise it?

worldwide competition

europe countries had actually to be creating swarms for centuries. In the late 19th century Africa had emerged as a element target the european

expansionism. by the early 20th century, only two countries in all of Africa—Ethiopia and Liberia—remained independent.

Imperialists also contended because that are in Asia, particularly in China. In that is late-19th-century revolutionary era, Japan replaced the old feudal order v a solid main government. hoping the army strength would certainly bolster industrialization, Japan joined europe countries in vain for China in the 1890s.

most americans gradually warmed to the idea of expansion overseas. through a id in manifest destiny, castle currently had actually driven the U.S. border to the Pacific Ocean.

three components fueled the new American imperialism:

• desire because that military stamin

• thirsty for brand-new industries

• belief in cultural superiority

2. Manifest destiny substantially influenced American plan throughout the first fifty percent

the the 19th century. how carry out girlfriend think manifest destiny set the phase

for American imperialism at the finish that the century?

DESIRE for armed forces toughness

see that various other countries were establishing a an international armed forces presence,

American leader advised the the united claims develop up that is very own military strength. One together leader was Admiral Alfred T. Mahan the the U.S. Navy. Mahan urged federal government officials to build increase American navy power in order to contend v various other an effective nations. as a an outcome the the urging that Mahan and also others, the unified claims developed nine steel-hulled cruisers between 1883 and also 1890. The construction the modern battleships such as the Maine and also the Oregon revolutionized the nation into the world’s 3rd

largest marine power.

thirsty for brand-new industries

In the late 19th century, breakthroughs in modern technology allowed American farms and factories come create far much more than American citizens can consume.

currently the united claims needed raw products for its factory and also brand-new markets for its agricultural and also made goods. Imperialists viewed foreign trade as the solution come American overproduction and the related

difficulties that unemployment and economic depression.

belief IN social SUPERIORITY

cultural determinants also were provided to justification imperialism. some americans merged the ideology that social Darwinism—a belief that free-market compete would lead to the survive the the fittest—with a id in the racial superiority that Anglo-Saxons. castle argued that the united says had a obligation to spread out Christianity and “civilization” to the world’s

“inferior peoples.” This approach narrowly characterized “civilization” follow come the criter the only one culture.

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3. can girlfriend think that any other reason the American"s may have actually wanted Imperialism?