The term biology originates from the Greek native bios, definition _____, and the noun finishing -logia, an interpretation _____.

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life; research of

Energy in organisms is referred to as _____.


Which is no a characteristics of life?


Many life organisms respond to things in the environment called _____.


Instead of specifying life, scientists have decided to _____.

describe the features of life

Which that the following characteristics must an object possess in order come be thought about alive?

composed of one or an ext cells includes genetic regime acquires and uses energy

_____ is the capability of an biology to readjust internally or externally in relation to that environment.


Cures and also medicines for diseases, such as diabetes, can be credited to the study of _____.


Select every one of the concepts that biologic can aid you understand.

Patterns that inheritance in your household Medicine personal health life things

The difference between the to move make-up of a life organism and also an aluminum have the right to is the _____.

ability to use energy

Which choice is a properties of both living and also non-living things?

The very same atoms and also subatomic particles can be discovered in both.

The straightforward building block of life is _____.

the cell

The flounder’s capability to camouflage itself in different environments is a properties of life recognized as _____.


What space some usual themes that biology? select all the apply.

The study of ecology The research of genetics All living things need energy

_____ use biology in their work.

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All that the above

An organism the produces its food by photosynthesis _____.

may be put in the Plantae kingdom

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