A researcher is preparing to insert a human being gene the interest into a bacterial plasmid in order to clone the human being gene. She has actually genetically engineered the plasmid to lug a gene amp R , which confers resistance come the antibiotic ampicillin. She will encompass ampicillin in the plating tool when she grows the recombinant bacteria. Why has she engineered the plasmid to incorporate an antibiotic resistance gene? Recombinant bacteria that have taken increase the plasmid are breakable to infection and require antibiotic resistance.Recombinant bacteria that have actually taken increase the plasmid can be recognized due to the fact that they room able to survive in the presence of ampicillin.Recombinant bacteria that have actually taken up the plasmid can be recognized due to the fact that the antibiotic resistance gene produces a blue color.

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Cold instance detectives room investigating a homicide that took ar 30 year ago. In reexamining the evidence, they find a small spot that blood on the victim"s apparel that was most likely left through the murderer. The DNA in the blood has partially degraded over time. What technique(s) would the blood rap technicians use in their examination that this tiny, degraded blood sample?They would use reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) to recognize the genes expressed in this DNA.They would use a limit enzyme and also DNA ligase to make recombinant DNA from this sample.They would use PCR come amplify the DNA.
DNA is a self-replicating molecule. What accounts because that this necessary property of DNA?The nitrogenous bases the the twin helix room paired in specific combinations: A through T and G with C.Replication is thermodynamically spontaneous and requires no enzymes.Its 2 strands are hosted together by easily damaged covalent bonds.
During DNA replication, the top strand is synthesized continuously, conversely, the lagging strand is synthesized together Okazaki fragments. Why is this so?ANSWER:DNA synthesis have the right to take location only in the 5" come 3" direction.DNA polymerases have the right to bind to just one strand at a time.There room thousands of origins of replication ~ above the lagging strand however only one on the leading strand.
What is the basis because that the distinction in how the leading and lagging strands that DNA molecules room synthesized?ANSWER:Helicases and also single-strand binding proteins job-related at the 5" end.The origins of replication happen only in ~ the 5" end.DNA polymerase have the right to join new nucleotides just to the 3" finish of a preexisting strand.DNA ligase works only in the 3" → 5" direction.
In assessing the number of different bases in a DNA sample, which an outcome would be continuous with the base-pairing rules?ANSWER:A + G = C + TA = CA = GA + T = G + C
The elongation the the top strand during DNA synthetic __________.ANSWER:depends top top the action of DNA polymeraseprogresses far from the replication forkoccurs in the 3" → 5" directionproduces Okazaki fragments
A college student isolates, purifies, and also combines in a test tube a variety of molecules required for DNA replication. After including some DNA to the mixture, replication occurs, yet each DNA molecule consists of a common strand paired with numerous segments of DNA a couple of hundred nucleotides long. What has the student most likely LEFT the end of the mixture?ANSWER:DNA ligaseprimaseDNA polymeraseOkazaki fragments
Who performed the X-ray diffraction studies that were an essential to the discovery of the structure of DNA?McClintockGriffithChargaffMeselson and also StahlFranklin
In trying to determine whether DNA or protein is the genetic material, Hershey and also Chase made usage of i beg your pardon of the adhering to facts?ANSWER:DNA includes phosphorus, whereas protein walk not.DNA contains nitrogen, conversely, protein walk not.DNA contains purines, conversely, protein consists of pyrimidines.RNA contains ribose, whereas DNA includes deoxyribose sugars.DNA has sulfur, vice versa, protein does not.
In an analysis of the nucleotide composition of DNA, i m sorry of the complying with will be found?ANSWER:G + C = T + AA = CA + C = G + TA = G and also C = T
In the Hershey and also Chase experiment that aided confirm the DNA, no protein, was the hereditary material, what was the key finding?Radioactively labeled sulfur was discovered outside of the infected bacteria.Radioactively labeled phosphorus was uncovered outside that the infected bacteria.Radioactively labeled sulfur was present inside the infected bacteria.Radioactively labeling phosphorus was current inside the infected bacteria.Radioactively labeling carbon was existing inside the infected bacteria.

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What is intended by the summary "antiparallel" concerning the two strands of nucleic acids that consist of DNA?ANSWER:The twisting nature of DNA creates nonparallel strands.One strand has only purines and also the other contains only pyrimidines.The 5" to 3" direction of one strand runs counter to the 5" to 3" direction of the various other strand.Base pairings develop unequal spacing between the two DNA strands.
In DNA from any kind of species, the amount of adenine equates to the quantity of thymine, and also the lot of guanine amounts to the lot of cytosine. Which of the adhering to investigators was (were) responsible for this discovery?ANSWER:Matthew Meselson and Franklin StahlAlfred Hershey and Martha ChaseErwin ChargaffOswald AveryFrederick Griffith
Cytosine makes up 42% that the nucleotides in a sample of DNA from an organism. Roughly what percentage of the nucleotides in this sample will be thymine?ANSWER:8%16%31%42%