A parenting infant establishes a an effective sucking muscle that adults additionally use because that whistling. What is this muscle called?A) buccinator B) zygomaticus C) platysma D) masseter

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Spasms of this straplike muscle often result in wryneck or torticollis. A) platysma B) zygomaticusC) sternocleidomastoid D) serratus anterior

Which generalization worrying movement by skeletal muscle is no true?A) The bones offer as levers.B) The movements created may it is in of graded intensity.C) during contraction the two articulating bones move equally.D) Muscles produce movement by pulling top top bones.

Which of these is not a means of classifying muscles?A) muscle ar B) the form of action they cause C) muscle form D) the form of muscle fibers

Which of the complying with muscles is no a member the the hamstrings group?A) vastus intermedius B) semitendinosusC) biceps brachii D) semimembranosus

Which of the following finest describes the orbicularis oris? A) that closes, purses, and also protrudes the lips.B) it draws the eyebrows together.C) It close the door the eye.D) It pulls the lower lip down and also back.

Which muscle team is involved when a "pulled groin" occurs? A) hamstrings B) lateral rotatorsC) thigh adductors D) quadricepts

What room the levers that operate at a mechanical advantage called? A) sensible levers B) rate leversC) power levers D) dysfunctional levers

Tennis players regularly complain about pain in the arm (forearm) the swings the racquet. What muscle is usually strained under this conditions?A) the triceps brachiiB) the flexor digitorum profundusC) the brachioradialisD) the anconeus

Which muscles is (are) contracted to exhale forcibly? A) rectus abdominis and also diaphragmB) outside intercostals and also diaphragmC) diaphragm aloneD) internal intercostals and rectus abdominus

Paralysis of i beg your pardon of the adhering to would make an individual can not to flex the thigh?A) soleusB) vastus medialisC) biceps femorisD) iliopsoas and rectus femoris

First-class levers ________.A) have actually load in ~ one finish of the lever, fulcrum in ~ the other, and effort used somewhere in the middleB) in the body can operate in ~ a mechanical advantage or mechanically disadvantage, depending on particular locationC) space typified by tweezers or forcepsD) room the kind using joints forming the sphere of the foot as developed in raising the human body on the toes

B) in the body can operate in ~ a mechanical benefit or mechanically disadvantage, depending on particular location

What execute the genioglossus, hyoglossus, and styloglossus muscles have actually in common?A) each acts synergistically to elevate the jaw.B) all names show the family member size of the muscle. C) all names reflect direction of muscle fibers.D) every act ~ above the tongue.

If l = load, F = fulcrum, and E = effort, what kind of lever system is explained as LEF?A) second-class bar B) fourth-class lever C) first-class bar D) third-class lever

Which that the complying with muscles is a flexor of the thigh?A) gluteus maximus B) tibialis posterior C) vastus lateralisD) adductor magnus

Which the the complying with muscles is affiliated in inversion in ~ the fishing eye joint?A) peroneus tertius B) tibialis anterior C) extensor digitorum longus D) peroneus longus

Which that the adhering to muscles serves together a usual intramuscular injection site, specifically in infants?A) the vastus lateralis B) rectus femorisC) the vastus medialis D) the vastus intermedius

Paralysis of i m sorry of the complying with muscles would make an individual can not to flex the knee?A) hamstring muscles B) brachioradialis C) soleus D) gluteal muscles

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Which the the adhering to muscles does not act in plantar flexion? A) flexor digitorum longus B) tibialis posterior C) gastrocnemius and soleus D) popliteus