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Chronic cystitis (also described as interstitial cystitis) originates in the bladder. It reasons a painful pressure or burning in the pelvic region, and also a constant need come urinate. The condition affects women much more often 보다 men.

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If you’ve ever before had a urinary tract infection, the pain of chronic cystitis is comparable. However, a UTI will certainly go away with time and also treatment. Chronic cystitis is daunting to diagnose and treat.

Cystitis is an inflammation the the bladder. Chronic cystitis is a long-lasting inflammation that the bladder.

The cause of cystitis is generally a urinary tract epidemic (UTI) — when bacteria enter the bladder or urethra and multiply. A UTI can end up being a serious problem if the bacteria spread to your kidneys.

A kidney infection deserve to lead come sepsis, severe and perhaps deadly reaction to an infection.

Symptoms that chronic or interstitial cystitis might come and go. The strongness varies depending upon the severity of her flare-ups.

Symptoms that chronic cystitis include:

pressure in the bladderurge to use the restroom oftenslight fever

The exact cause of chronic cystitis is unknown. However, human being with cystitis sometimes discover that certain things create a flare-up of symptoms. Some reasons of flare-ups include:

sexual intercourseholding urine for as well longwearing form-fitting pantshaving a expression cycle

Since there’s no well-known cure because that chronic cystitis, treatment plans job-related to relieve symptoms and also improve the daily life the a human with cystitis.

Lifestyle changes, medication, or physical therapy are among the recommended therapy options.

Doctors also suggest maintaining track of when your symptoms flare up. Because that example, if girlfriend drink coffee and your ache increases, her doctor may recommend avoiding caffeine.

Lifestyle alters may include:

diet changespreventing dehydrationreducing stressincreasing physics activity

Some doctors also recommend bladder training. Chronic cystitis have the right to increase your urge to go to the bathroom. This often results in you going come the restroom once your bladder is no full.

Bladder cultivate includes:

keeping a diary of your patternstrying to neglect your an initial urge to walk to the restroomwaiting until your bladder is complete or i do not care painful prior to urination

These procedures will train your mind to wait an ext time before urging you come urinate.

Diagnosing chronic cystitis

To diagnose chronic cystitis, your physician will work to systematically ascendancy out a list of conditions or problems that may be affect you, including bladder cancer and also UTI.

Urine culture

A urine culture will typically be done to ascendancy out a UTI. Throughout a to pee culture, you’ll be asked to urinate in a cup. Her urine is climate tested to dominion out an infection. An infection deserve to be treated through antibiotics.


A cystoscopy may be carry out in order come look in ~ the inside of her bladder. A cystoscope (a thin tube v a camera and also light) is put into her bladder with your urethra (the tube the brings urine the end of her bladder).

as soon as to contact a doctor

Make one appointment v your physician if you’re experiencing the symptom of a urinary tract infection or believe that you have actually chronic cystitis.

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If you frequently experience pains or discomfort in her bladder, friend may have actually chronic cystitis. When there’s no cure, your medical professional will occupational with friend to assist manage her symptoms.

Be sure to keep track of when your symptom flare up in order to determine irritants or triggers the you may be able to avoid.

critical medically reviewed on September 27, 2018


Medically the review by Gerhard Whitworth, R.N. — written by Tessa Sawyers — updated on September 27, 2018

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