The formula that represents lead (II) Chromate is PbCrO4. That is a chemical compound with a solid yellow color. 

Electron affinity is the energy released once an electron is welcomed by a neutral atom developing a an unfavorable ion. Chlorine has actually the higher electron affinity because it readily accepts one electron come become much more stable. Top top the other hand, sodium have actually to give up an electron to finish its valence shell.

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we have actually only street vs time graph so c is the ideal the cart is moving with constant speed that 0.5m/s


first calculate distance which is indigenous 2 to 5.5


apply the formula the velocity



A student dissolves that urea in the a solvent through a density of . The college student notices that the volume that the solvent does not chan

The inquiry incomplete , the complete question is:

A student dissolves of 18.0 g urea in 200.0 mL the a solvent with a density of 0.95 g/mL . The student notices the the volume the the solvent go not adjust when the urea disappear in it. Calculate the molarity and also molality the the student"s solution. Ring both of your cg-tower.coms to far-ranging digits.

The molarity and also molality the the student"s systems is 1.50 Molar and also 1.58 molal.


Moles of urea =


Volume the the systems = 200.0 mL = 0.2 together (1 mL = 0.001 L)


Molarity that the urea systems ;


Mass that solvent = m

Volume the solvent = V = 200.0 mL

Density the the urea = d = 0.95 g/mL



(1 g = 0.001 kg)

Molality of the urea solution ;



The molarity and also molality of the student"s systems is 1.50 Molar and also 1.58 molal.

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The brand on a bottle of vinegar claims that the vinegar is 4% acetic acid. What would certainly be the molarity the the acetic mountain in solut
tatuchka <14>

Density = fixed / Volume ..... Which way that .....

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Volume * density = Mass

So....for the liquid in the bottle we have actually that

750 ml * 1.006 g / ml = massive < the "ml" cancels >

750 * 1.006 g =

754.5 g .... This is the fixed <"weight "> the the liquid .....

And the acetic mountain is 4% the this

So........the fixed <"weight"> the the acetic acid is 4% of

.04 * 754.5 =

30.18 g


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