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Well, it appears that Fluffy gained a tiny confused around the term makeover. What carry out you think of when you hear the word makeover?

Sometimes world will perform makeovers top top other people to boost their external appearance, and other times civilization will carry out makeovers ~ above homes. A makeover is a form of change that happens together a an outcome of person intervention. Watch the below video clip of the Rube Goldberg machine, and record the adhering to data.1. What develops of power do girlfriend observe?2. What energy changes, or "makeovers," execute you see? perform as plenty of as girlfriend can before the video clip ends.

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According come the regulation of preservation of Energy, energy is neither developed nor destroyed; that just alters forms. A flashlight doesn"t produce light, the sunlight doesn"t produce heat, and also a windmill doesn"t create electricity. These are examples of energy transforming forms. Periodically these are alters that occur routinely in the herbal world, and also sometimes these room "makeovers" where human being creations transform power into a specific type that offer a certain need. One of two people way, we speak to these transforms energy transformations. 

In the Rube Goldberg Machine, you experienced chemical power in a battery transform to electric energy and also then to mechanical power to rotate the Archimedes screw and enable the marble to move. Later on in the very same machine, chemical power (baking soda and vinegar reaction) is transformed right into mechanical energy which relocated a lever. This is an example of humans creating something that will certainly transform energy for a specific purpose. 


An example of an energy revolution that wake up in the natural world is the procedure of photosynthesis. In the Sun, chemical power transforms into light and thermal energy. Tree transform the Sun’s light power into chemical energy throughout the procedure of photosynthesis. 

A flashlight displayed another means that energy is transformed. Chemical energy is stored in the battery. Once you flip the move on the flashlight, chemical energy transforms into electrical energy together the electrons begin to flow through the circuit. Together the


electrons are flowing v the circuit, lock pass through a resistor, in this situation a irradiate bulb. The power is climate transformed into light and also heat energy.

Click on the photo of Fluffy below to discover an power game. Think about what "makeovers," or changes, you view happening come energy, and then review the reflection inquiries below.

What changes, or "makeovers," did you watch happening come energy?How execute potential and also kinetic power relate come the different forms of power (radiant/light, thermal, sound, chemical, electrical, and mechanical)?


Elaborate: power Transformations fix a problem

Download the Texas Water advance Board"s "Desalination: Seawater" PDF by click the glass of water below. After ~ reviewing all of the information, develop a plan to develop a an equipment that will certainly extract salt water from the Gulf that Mexico and also turn it into freshwater because that drinking. The arrangement must incorporate mechanical, solar, thermal, electrical, and also light energy and also a clear explanation of how your machine will transform the different forms of energy to do your development work.


Teacher notes

This resource is a compilation of text, videos, and other aspects to develop a scaffolded 5E discovering experience because that students. This is supposed for Tier ns instruction under the response to intervention (RtI) version for great 6 science TEKS (9)(C), specifically power transformations.Be certain to check for prerequisite knowledge and an abilities as well as differentiation demands by reviewing the entire resource and the connected items before assigning it to or working v it through your students.This resource can be offered for instruction in a range of ways.• Use v a solitary computer and projector; this resource can be ceded in a traditional classroom.• Use v a combination of individual student computers, teacher computer, and also projector (in one of two people a computer system lab or various other 1:1 environment).• entrust the source to students as work-related to do external of the college day as part of a "flipped classroom" to allow application, practice, and extr support throughout the school day.• Use through students as tutorials.• Share v parents to inform them around what their boy is discovering in school.• Use through students who room unable to take part in the timeless classroom environment.

EngageThe interact is expected to it is in playful and also fun. Sometimes all the takes is a silly photo or video to gain students thinking about a single word or concept. No every science lesson demands to begin with something academic or scientific research focused; sometimes a smile is every that"s necessary to interact learners.

ExploreStudents view a video of a world-record-holding Rube Goldberg machine. This is meant for students to think about how countless different types of power are present and also to observe how energy is changing, or having a "makeover."Classroom OptionIf possible, have actually students experience some hands-on tasks that illustrate power transformations. For example, hand-crank generators space a great example that mechanical energy transformed into electric energy, which could be transformed into light, heat, sound, and/or mechanically energy relying on what form of circuit is created.

ExplainThe explain discusses what energy transformations are, just how some occur in the natural world without any kind of human intervention, and how rather happen because of human ingenuity to harness different types of power to satisfy a specific need. College student should recognize that in numerous situations, such together flashlights, strength plants, and solar-powered lights, over there are frequently multiple transformations crucial to with the preferred energy output. Students often have a complicated time understanding the legislation of conservation of Energy: energy is neither produced nor destroyed; that just changes forms. In particular, students frequently think the sunlight creates heat and light energy when, in reality, chemical energy is transformed right into heat and also light energy.

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Classroom OptionAdvanced or gifted and talented college student may be able to engage in a discussion about how the develops of power may additionally be labeled together potential or kinetic. 

ElaborateReal-world applications of power transformations is the template of the Elaborate. In order because that students to achieve this task, they will have to understand numerous forms of energy transformations. They will require to have the ability to use this details to do an power "makeover" so that they can desalinate the water native the Gulf of Mexico. This part of the resource may take it a main or much longer to complete due to the fact that students will need to produce schematics, build budgets, construct a prototype, present their idea, tweak their idea based upon feedback, and also share your improvements and also overall reflections.