classify hydrocarbons together saturated or unsaturated classify hydrocarbons as alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, cycloalkanes, or aromatics (arenes) apply the homologous series to organic molecules with 1-10 carbons

Hydrocarbon Classifications

Hydrocarbons room organic compounds that contain only carbon and hydrogen. The inherent capacity of hydrocarbons come bond to us is well-known as catenation, and allows hydrocarbon to form more complex molecules, such together cyclohexane and also benzene. Catenation comes from the reality that the shortcut character in between carbon atom is totally non-polar.

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The four general classes of hydrocarbons are: alkanes, alkenes, alkynes and also arenes. Fragrant compounds derive their names native the truth that countless of these compounds in the early on days of exploration were grouped because they to be oils with fragrant odors. The classifications because that hydrocarbons are summarized below.

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Unsaturated hydrocarbons have double and/or triple bonds between carbon atoms. Those with double bond are called alkenes and also have the general formula CnH2n (assuming non-cyclic structures). Those include triple binding are dubbed alkynes and also have general formula CnH2n-2. The smallest alkene—ethene—has 2 C atoms and is additionally known by its common name ethylene and the smallest alkyne is ethyne, additionally known as acetylene.


Cycloalkanes space hydrocarbons include one or an ext carbon rings to i beg your pardon hydrogen atoms room attached. The prefix "cyclo" is included to the surname to connect the ring structure. The basic formula because that a saturation hydrocarbon include one ring is CnH2n.


Aromatic hydrocarbons, likewise known as arenes, room hydrocarbons that have actually at the very least one fragrant ring. Fragrant compounds save on computer the benzene unit. Benzene chin is created of 6 C atom in a ring, through alternating solitary and double C–C bonds:


For many compounds, information beyond the cg-tower.comical formula will certainly be essential to elucidate your structure. However, the proportion of C:H in a cg-tower.comical formula can administer insights right into the cg-tower.comical structure.

For example, let"s look at at few of the possible structures and cg-tower.comical formulas because that hydrocarbons containing six carbon atoms.

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homologous series condensed.pngwhich class includes an unsaturated hydrocarbon with a ring structure?