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Dear John: Overview

Director – Lasse Hallström actors – Channing Tatum, Amanda Seyfried, Richard Jenkins, Henry Thomas, Scott Porter, D.J. Cotrona, Cullen Moss Genre – Drama, romantic Plot – While house on leave, a soldier falls for a college college student on spring break.

Dear John: SC Locations

John (Channing Tatum) and Savannah (Amanda Seyfried) first meet on the Isle of Palms fishing pier.The university of Charleston"s Randolph hall was wherein Savannah would certainly read and write many of the letters. Randoph room was also used in the filming that The Patriot. Click here to see images from the movie shoot.The global airlift mission scene to be filmed in ~ Charleston Air pressure Base. The production firm was granted permission through the us Defense room to use an main C-17 helicopter and airmen. Click here to watch photos indigenous the filming ~ above this scene (roll over photo for details).The Citadel"s infirmary was provided for the German hospital where John to be treated because that his wounds.Debris, smoke, and livestock turn Lafarge Cement in Harleyville into an Afghan town in the midst of a military engagement.Cassina point Plantation top top Edisto Island depicted Savannah"s parent"s home.Although John and Savannah an initial meet and also fell in love ~ above the Isle that Palms, Folly Beach would be wherein they argue.The 2nd floor lobby the Charleston"s Gaillard center was transformed right into an airport security checkpoint. Sullivan"s Island is where:– three inches of sand and fill dirt were dumped top top a street turning the area right into an african outpost.– Historic fort Moultrie would certainly be supplied to represent a military installation ~ above the Congo coast.– The beach home Savannah stayed at was likewise on Sullivan"s Island. The step of John and Savannah an initial date to be shot in ~ Bowens Island Restaurant just as dusk was setting in. Also located ~ above James Island is the house that served as John"s boyhood home.An abandoned elementary school in downtown Charleston was transformed into an east European café.

Dear John: fun Quotes and Facts

"I love southern Carolina," claims Channing Tatum. "I"m from the South, for this reason I have an addiction v it. The food, the people, the lifestyle. It"s simply so charming.""The south is a whole different thing altogether. It"s romantic. It"s simply so beautiful. It brings something to a movie you can"t get anywhere else in the world." – Amanda SeyfriedWhen spreading the role of Alan, Tim"s (Henry Thomas) young autistic son, the filmmakers turned to Carolina Autism, a non-profit company based in Charleston.

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Six-year-old autistic young Braeden Reed was actors in the part and proved to it is in a gifted and professional actor.Cross nation Trailways, a Spartanburg bus company, transported 2 buses to the set in Charleston. One of their motorists drove the bus in the scene whereby John leaves and also says goodbye come his father.

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