Where execute you get HM absent smash in Pokemon Emerald?

Head to the appropriate of the poke Mart to discover the rock Smash Guy’s house. It’s the house straight to the best of the punctured Mart, across the path. After questioning you to contact him a brand-new name, he’ll provide you HM06 rock Smash. Friend won’t be able to receive the rock Smash HM unless you have the stone and Knuckle Badges. Teach rock Smash to among your Pokémon.

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Where have the right to you discover wild Pokemon in rock smash?

Occasionally, breaking a absent will cause a wild Pokémon to it is in encountered. Absent Smash deserve to be provided to rest breakable rocks, yet no wild Pokémon will certainly appear. Absent Smash deserve to be offered to break breakable rocks, and also wild Pokémon or items deserve to be found. Items that deserve to be uncovered include heart Scales, shards, and Fossils .

What have the right to you perform with rock smash in Pokemon Diamond?

Rock Smash can be used to break breakable rocks and specific cracked walls. Wild Pokémon and items deserve to be discovered when breaking rocks (but not cracked walls).

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Where execute you acquire rock stop in X and also Y?

Ambrette Town, native a girl stand in former of the aquarium. Give thanks to you so much! i was so puzzled why ns couldn’t find it almost everywhere or why i didn’t receive it.

Where perform you obtain the rock smash TM in Pokemon gold?

Sudowoodo is a rock type, no a Grass form (even though it looks like a tree). 8 ~ defeating, capturing, or fleeing indigenous the Sudowoodo, monitor the trace on the right and also talk to the chubby male that is closest come you. He will certainly then offer you the rock Smash TM.

What happens as soon as you quit a rock in spirit silver?

Firstly, in each area, there is a possibility of wild Pokémon appearing after you smash a rock. Every area v rocks you can smash has a maximum of 2 obtainable Pokémon within them.

Where do you acquire a moon stone in Pokemon silver?

MOON stone : There’s Moon Stones on the ground in ~ Tohjo Falls and also the ruins of Alph. Your mom might likewise buy some for you. Otherwise, go to Mt. Moon Square on Monday Nights and watch the Clefairy dance. They’ll leave a smashable rock,, stop it and press a to acquire the stone.

Do you have actually to fight Sudowoodo to get rock smash?

Battle the Sudowoodo. Friend don’t have actually to catch the Sudowoodo. Simply make certain that you somehow control to make it go away. Over there is just one Sudowoodo in the game unless you trade with someone, for this reason that’s usually the only time you get to check out one.


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