The Safari region is situated on path 121,near Mt. Pyre. That is a location to record all sorts of wild Pokemon the you won"t have the ability to find all over else inthe game. First, however, girlfriend must have actually the PokeBlock Case, an items the holds PokeBlocks that deserve to be obtainedfrom a tiny girl in Slateport City"s dispute House. When you enter the Safari Zone, a human being will fee you$500 for 30 Safari Balls, part time, and to play the Safari Game. The game ends once you"ve got to 500 steps, or whenyou"ve supplied up all your Safari Balls.

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The Safari region is separated into fourareas: Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and also Southwest. Different locations have various Pokemon. You have the right to alsofish because that Pokemon, or surf ~ above the water. Remember, the much better the rod, the an ext chance you have actually at meetingthe Pokemon you want. As soon as you do uncover a wild Pokemon, which yes, really isn"t hard, you"ll desire to try to catch it.Unlike the regular battle scene, the Safari Zone fight scene provides you 4 options: Ball, walk Near, PokeBlock, and also Run. You might not fight wild Pokemon making use of your very own in the Safari Zone. Read on for an explanation of every option.

The Ball alternative let"s you throw one of your countless Safari Balls. Always very first try this. If the Pokemon doesn"t get in theball, litter a PokeBlock. It makes the Pokemon curious. Various other times, the Pokemon completely ignores the PokeBlock, and also willwatch friend carefully. Try the round again. If it still doesn not work, Go close to the Pokemon, and also throw one more Ball. Save on repeatingthis procedure until you record it. Throw as many balls together you can. You"ve paid $500 because that it anyway.

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There space PokeBlock feeders in the grasses. What you can want to carry out is placed a PokeBlock in there, and also it willlure Pokemon who favor that details taste towards you.

Pokemon Locations
Dodrio (Northwest)Doduo (Southeast, Northwest, & Southwest)Geodude (Northeast)Girafarig (Southeast & Southwest)Gloom (Northeast, Northwest, southeast & Southwest)Goldeen (Fishing)Golduck (Northwest)Heracross (Northeast)Lairon (Northwest)Natu (Northeast, Southeast, & Southwest)Oddish (Northeast, Northwest, southeast & Southwest)Phanpy (Northeast)Pikachu (Southeast & Southwest)Pinsir (Northwest)Psyduck (Northwest & Southwest)Rhyhorn (Northwest)Seaking (Northwest & Southwest)Wobbuffet (Southeast & Southwest)Xatu (Northeast)