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The Pritchards were among those households that nobody in the community really taken or liked. They had actually two sons, Rubin and Rainie. Rubin was two years older 보다 Billy when Rainie was about Billy’s age. The guys were troublesome and Rainie preferred to bet. Someday they met...

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The Pritchards were among those families that no one in the ar really interpreted or liked. They had two sons, Rubin and also Rainie. Rubin was 2 years older than Billy while Rainie was around Billy’s age. The boys were troublesome and Rainie liked to bet. At some point they met Billy in ~ his grandfather’s store and also had a slim altercation. Billy’s grandfather had corn to grind top top that certain day and was compelled to nearby early. The Pritchard boys complied with them to where they were grinding and made a 2 dollar bet through Billy the his hounds can not properly hunt an evasive old raccoon the escaped number of hunters before. Billy welcomed the an obstacle and his grandfather put increase the money for the bet, however warned the Pritchard boys against harming Billy if on the hunt.

Rubin told Rainie come shut up and also let him execute the talking. Looking over at me, that said, "What carry out you say? want to bet 2 dollars your hounds have the right to tree him?"

During the hunt, the old coon to be cornered by Billy’s hounds. However, the Pritchard boys readjusted the bet and also wanted the hounds to death the coon. Billy objected. When the guys were arguing, the hound belonging come the Pritchards make its way to the hunt and also got into a hit with one of Billy’s hounds. Billy’s hounds ganged up on the hound belonging come the Pritchards and tore at him. Rubin take it Billy’s axe and set off to assault Billy’s hounds; unfortunately, when he was running towards the fighting hounds, the tripped over and also fell ~ above the sharp axe, which killed him moments later.

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When Rubin had tripped, he had fallen on the ax. As it gotten in his stomach, the spicy blade had sunk come the eye the the double-bitted ax.