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Answer: ft William Henry The soldiers were an alleged to reinforce ft William Henry, yet they did no realize that there was a spy in your midst, and he led castle right right into the ambush. Only Duncan, Cora, and Alice made it through the attack, thanks to Hawkeye and also the Mohicans.
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Your options: < Hawkeye, Uncas and also Cora > < Hawkeye, Cora and also Chingachgook > < Hawkeye, Duncan and Magua > < Hawkeye, Colonel Munro and Magua >
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Answer: Magua
Magua, played by Wes Studi, was yes, really a Huron allied through the French, however the British thought he was a Mohawk. Magua climate secretly eliminated the various other two guides so the could collection up the ambush.
6 we all understand the Mohicans saved significant Duncan Heyward and the Munro sisters, but which tribe assaulted them?

Answer: Huron
Hawkeye asked Duncan why the Huron (meaning Magua) would want to death Cora. Duncan declared that Magua was a Mohawk, yet Hawkeye repair him by saying Magua had deceived them and that he was really a Huron.
Answer: Gray Hair Magua hated Colonel Munro for killing his children and causing his mam to marry another. He intended to wipe Munro"s line the end forever by death him and his two daughters. Magua called Munro Gray Hair when he was talking to Montcalm about his plan.
10 The Mohicans decided to aid defend Munro"s besieged fort. Yet after a couple of days Hawkeye was inserted under arrest. What for?

Answer: Helping settlers leave the fort to defend their dwellings Indian battle parties had been attacking negotiations near fort William Henry, however Colonel Munro refuse to let the militia leave because he necessary them to help defend the fort. Hawkeye aided some that the militia escape by telling them the easiest route to take with the woods, but he stayed since of Cora.
Answer: The Camerons john Cameron go not want to walk fight in the war, he wanted to stay house to protect his family.
Answer: Chingachgook His son is killed, and only he remains. Hawkeye is not Chingachgook"s yes, really son, just his embraced son and is in reality of English descent. This leaves just Chingachgook together the critical of the Mohicans.
13 as they to be escaping under the flow in their canoes, Duncan attempted come shoot Hawkeye through a pistol. What did Hawkeye say come Duncan in an answer to this?

Answer: "Nothing far better to execute on the lake today, Major?" Duncan to be both jealous about Cora and Hawkeye fallout’s in love and also mad the Hawkeye helped some of the militia leaving the fort. Duncan then responded that the would have actually Hawkeye hanged as soon as they gain to safety.
Answer: The held him prisoner and his mam married another. the told a French officer the he would certainly kill the grey haired officer and his children.
Answer: A cave behind a waterfall lock made the seem together if they had gone under the falls in their canoes, but the Hurons weren"t fooled. The Hurons soon found the group, so Hawkeye, Uncas, and also Chingachgook escaped down the flow to shot and rescue everyone later.
Answer: Cora Every female"s favorite scene, the one behind the waterfall. Unfortunately the DVD variation took this line out.
Answer: Hawkeye"s long rifle after jumping through the falls and also escaping the Huron war party, Hawkeye and also Uncas controlled to rise up on a rock. Chingachgook virtually floated past them and also drowned, yet Hawkeye and Uncas supplied Hawkeye"s lengthy rifle and also pulled him out of the river just in time. Hawkeye was renowned for his shooting ability, being referred to as La Longue Carabine by the French and their Indian allies, out of fear of his deadly aim.

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Answer: Uncas Uncas ran ahead of Hawkeye and also Chingachgook to try and conserve Alice. He assaulted Magua, but Magua injured him early and eventually finished him off. Chingachgook then ran in after this and also killed Magua, avenging his son.