Fake braces room the non genuine-liked braces (fixed orthodontic appliances) which are fixed to the teeth and also are equipment by untrained / unqualified operators. Lock look similar; however, fake braces space not functioning as the real ones.

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What are the resolved orthodontic appliances?

Fixed orthodontic appliances room the apparatus supplied for orthodontic treatment. The appliances consist of of brackets (braces), wires and also rubber tape which are resolved on the this surfaces.

Fixed orthodontic appliances are supplied by the orthodontist to relocate an unaligned this on a continuous check-up until it becomes unique aligned teeth. The constant check-up commonly takes place in between two and half to 3 years.

Example photos of the fake braces:


Before fixed 
Inside the mouth

Example photo of fixed orthodontic appliances



Who are always wearing the fake braces?

Teenagers room the one that are always wearing the fake braces.

Why do adolescents wear fake braces?

For teenagers, wearing orthodontic appliances sometimes can be a kind of fashion. Tooth surfaces which are decorated by colourful orthodontic rubber bands look choose an accessory. Over there are miscellaneous designs and patterns, including flower, star, cartoon personalities (Mickey Mouse) and also etc.

Usually their this alignment is currently well-aligned and it doesn’t need any orthodontic treatment. However, due to the fact that they want to monitor the trend among the teenagers, castle fit the fake braces.

example of fake braces rubber bands.

Where deserve to these fake braces be purchased?

Fake braces space bought digital via Instagram, Facebook and also Twitter. Several of them are marketed illegally in the salons and at the black color market. The cost of the fake braces is lot cheaper compared to the actual orthodontic treatment. It costs about RM90 come RM150 only.

How are these fake braces being fixed?

The fake braces are fixed by the buyer him/herself. Lock can discover the tutorials showing exactly how to resolve the fake braces in the society media. There are likewise services provided to fix the fake braces in the hotel or from home to home of the buyers.

This is different from the real orthodontic therapy as the licensed and experienced orthodontist will resolve the orthodontic appliances. Lock will also explain just how to take care the appliances ~ the fixation.

How lengthy will the fake braces fixed in the mouth?

Usually the fake braces are resolved within 3-5 month only. Later than that, the glue which attached the fake braces can not stick it well anymore. However, it depends on the adolescents whether they want to solve it any kind of longer or not.

Are the fake braces dangerous?

Of course they are. This is due to the fact that the contents of the fake braces are unknown, whether it is for sure for health or not. There was a report stating the the fake braces contain command which is dangerous for health.

Furthermore, the tools for resolving the fake braces space not sterilized like when it to be done in ~ the orthodontic clinic.

Many promotions have actually been promoted by to adjust of health and wellness to avoid publics from wearing the fake braces due to the fact that of the adverse impacts for their health.




Do the fake braces give any effects to the teeth?

Of course., The stain native the glue can eroded ~ above the this surfaces that the teeth. Dental caries and bleeding gum deserve to occur due to the fact that there is no explanation on just how to take treatment of the teeth after the fitting. Oral hygiene instructions space not provided to the fake braces buyers.

Moreover, resolving the fake braces in some method can cause movement of the teeth. Also though the activity was minimal, there to be some instances reported bring about teeth mobility and almost extruded from the gum.

What must I do if I already wear fake braces?

Immediately walk to the orthodontic clinic to remove the fake braces. Complete examination will be carry out by orthodontist to ensure there is no damage to the teeth. Suitable treatment will be provided by the orthodontist and also the dentist.

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Newspaper articles about the danger of the fake braces.


Social media description about the peril of fake braces




Last Reviewed:28 respectable 2020
Writer / Translator:Dr. Noorhanizar bt. Mansor
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