Pear Inc. Is a parody of apologize Inc. That was created for a heat up that TV shows. The is no a real company therefore the commodities are no real.

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Dummies and models of Pear commodities can be easily found on eBay, Amazon and can it is in made the styrofoam cutouts. Videos and Tutorials showing exactly how to perform this have the right to be discovered on YouTube.

HD 720p video Recording1X Headphone Jack1X power Slot+USBLink X267APearPhone XT-(2012) RM1299Pear OS mobile 12.2PearJet X5 Processor
2GHz32GB/64GBMicro SD Slot up to 64GB4.5" WLED screen (1080p)Pear Shaped8MP flash Cyber-Shot Lens rear Camera/5MP former CameraFULL HD 1080p video Recording1X Headphone Jack1X strength Slot X267A1X Micro USB Slot(From Left come Right) PearPhone classic 1, PearPhone classic 2, PearPhone GX/XT