Between 1934 and also 1970, six men would comprise one that the best comedy teams ever assembled, the three Stooges. Through humble starts as a vaudeville act, brothers Moe and also Curly Howard, joined by companion Larry Fine, would produce 90 shorts for Columbia films. As soon as Curly"s health began to deteriorate, older brothers Shemp Howard suspect his function as the third Stooge, yet he also would later on be replaced, an initial by Joe Besser, climate after a ten-year Stooge hiatus, by Joe DeRita.All six stooges are hidden in the Los Angeles area. For this reason what are you waiting for knuckleheads?

CurlyHoward, by far the most popular Stooge, to be the very first topass, ~ above January 18, 1952. His deathfollowed a lengthy six year of health difficulties that started with a stroke in 1946,from which many sources insurance claim he never completely recovered. He to be interred at home of tranquility MemorialPark in Los Angeles.

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Plot: western Jewish institute Section, heat 5, Grave1GPS coordinates: 34.0222168,-118.1766052 (hddd.dddd)View Map
Curly"s given name to be Jerome Lester Horwitz.


was the alongside go, happen on November 22, 1955,following a huge heart strike in the earlier of a taxi cab. The fare was never paid. Prefer his younger brothers Curly, he to be laidto remainder at house of peace Memorial Park. Plot: Mausoleum, Corridor the Eternal Life, SecondTier native the bottom.View Map
Shemp"s provided name to be Samuel Horwitz.
With the loss of 2 of the Howard brothers just a fewyears apart, Stooge pan would acquire a reprieve for the following two decades. Then in 1975, they’d suffer an additional round ofback-to-back losses.

Larry Fine spent the last fewyears the his life in an market retirement community, adhering to a collection ofstrokes in the beforehand 1970s. Stooge pan were allowed tovisit, who he was always happy to meet.When asked if he’d enjoyed being a Stooge, he’d quip “it wasn’t fun; itwas work-related – however it paid off good, for this reason I enjoyed it.” that passed ~ above January 24, 1975, andwas interred at forest Lawn Glendale.Plot:
liberty Mausoleum, Sanctuaryof LiberationView Map
Larry"s given name to be Louis Feinberg.
Before passing, Larry released his autobiography Stroke of Luck, which concentrated on his final years together a hit survivor.

Just 4 months later, head Stooge Moe Howard
shed his fight with lungcancer, on may 4, 1975. In the monthsleading approximately his death, Moe had been prepare his very own autobiography, i Stooged to Conquer. It was posthumously released under adifferent title, Moe Howard and the 3 Stooges. He was interred at HillsideMemorial Park in Culver City.Plot: Garden that Memories, Alcove ofLove, wall surface C, Crypt 233View Map
Moe"s offered name to be Moses bother Horwitz.
With the death of Moe, the main point Stooge group had all passed away, leaving pan with simply two remaining second members.

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Joe Besser, the secondreplacement because that Curly, happen on in march 1, 1988.He was found dead in his home, i m sorry was later on attributed to love failure. Joe was hidden at forest Lawn Glendale, justa brief walk native the mausoleum whereby Larry Fine was laid to rest. Plot:
Dedication, L-4404, an are 2AView Map
The last man to bear the Stooge crown,Joe “Curly Joe” DeRita,passed ~ above July 3, 1993, adhering to a bout through pneumonia.Ironically, DeRita was never a fan of Stooge comedy, stating that while they were physical, lock were never ever actually funny.Stooge pan disagree.He was interred in ~ Pierce brothers Valhalla Memorial Park. His is the just headstone to identify the Stooges.Plot:Block D, ar 338, many 19GPS coordinates:34.1875916, -118.3608322 (hddd.dddd)View Map
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