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ax mean you live in the unified States and you see a crescent moon in your evening sky tonight. What will a girlfriend in southern America view tonight?
Definition Your girlfriend will view a crescent moon.

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Term The path that led to modern science emerged from old civilizations in which part of the world?
Definition the Mediterranean and the center East
Term Galileo observed every one of the following. Which observation readily available direct proof of a planet orbiting the Sun?
Definition phases of Venus
Term when traveling north from the unified States into Canada, you"ll check out the north Star (Polaris) getting
Definition higher in the sky
Term i m sorry of the following best describes how contemporary astronomers view astrology?
Definition Astrology played vital part in the advance of astronomy in old times, yet it is not a scientific research by modern-day standards.
Term The old Greeks obtain a many attention for your contributions to scientific research because
Definition they were the first people recognized to shot to explain nature v models based upon reason, mathematics, and geometry, without will to the supernatural.
Term The an excellent contribution that Tycho Brahe was to
Definition observe planetary positions with adequate accuracy so the Kepler can later usage the data to uncover the legislations of planetary motion.
Term i m sorry of the adhering to is smallest?
Definition size the a usual planet
Term based upon observations that the global expansion, the period of the cosmos is about
Definition 14 billion years
Term when we watch Venus in its full phase, what phase would planet be in as viewed by a theoretical Venetian?
Definition full
Term In any particular place top top Earth, certain constellations are visible in the evening just at details times the the year because
Definition our evening check out of space depends ~ above where planet is located in its orbit approximately the Sun.
Term throughout the duration each year when we watch Mars undergoing obvious retrograde motion in ours sky, what is really going on in space?
Definition Earth is recording up with and passing through Mars in their particular orbits.
Term our solar system consists of
Definition the sun and all the objects that orbits it
Term mean you see a photo showing Jupiter half in sunlight and fifty percent in zero (that is, a first quarter Jupiter). This photo could have to be taken by
Definition the Hubble room Telescope (which orbits Earth)
Term as soon as we look at at an object that is 1,000 light-years away, we check out it
Definition as it to be 1,000 years ago
Term just how does Earth"s varying distance native the Sun impact our seasons?
Definition It doesn"t—Earth"s orbital distance plays no obvious function in the seasons.
Term What perform the frameworks of Stonehenge, the Templo Mayor, the sunlight Dagger, and the large Horn medicine Wheel all have actually in common?
Definition They to be all provided by old peoples for astronomical observations.
Term He found that the orbits the planets are ellipses.
Definition Kepler
Term exactly how long does it take planet to complete one orbit around the Sun?
Definition one year
Term i m sorry of the following statements go not use the ax light-year in an ideal way?
Definition It will take me light-years to complete this homework assignment.
Term What is the ecliptic plane?
Definition The plane of Earth"s orbit roughly the Sun
Term i m sorry of the following has her "cosmic address" in the exactly order?
Definition you, Earth, solar system, Milky way Galaxy, local Group, local Supercluster, universe
Term For many of history, the absence of observable stellar parallax was taken to median that
Definition Earth is stationary in ~ the facility of the universe.
Term exactly how did the Ptolemaic model explain the apparent retrograde activity of the planets?
Definition It hosted that the planets moved along tiny circles that moved on bigger circles approximately Earth, and that the an unified motion sometimes led to backward motion.
Term What is a circumpolar star?
Definition a star that always remains above your horizon
Term How countless galaxies are there in the observable universe?
Definition roughly (within a variable of 10) the same as the variety of stars in our galaxy
Term Each component below defines how a couple of astronomical phenomena are related to time periods. Which list is correct? (Careful: part lists are partially correct.)
Definition A)Earth"s rotation specifies a day.The cycle of the Moon"s phases takes about a month.Earth"s orbit specifies a year.Earth"s cycle of axis precession take away 26,000 years.
Term Only among the statements below uses the term theory in that is correct scientific sense. I m sorry one?
Definition Einstein"s theory of relativity has actually been tested and also verified thousands of times.
Term What execute astronomers mean by the large Bang?
Definition the occasion that marked the start of the expansion of the universe
Term How plenty of arcseconds are in 1°?
Definition 3,600
Term Betelgeuse is the shining red star representing the left shoulder the the constellation Orion. Every the adhering to statements around Betelgeuse space true. I beg your pardon one have the right to you infer indigenous its red color?
Definition Its surface is cooler 보다 the surface ar of the Sun
Term according to our existing theory of solar device formation, why were solid planetesimals able to grow larger in the external solar system than in the within solar system?
Definition Because just metal and also rock might condense in the within solar system, while ice additionally condensed in the outer solar system.
Term based on everything you have actually learned in this chapter, i m sorry of the complying with statements appears unlikely to be true?
Definition Only a tiny percent of stars are surrounded by turn disks of gas throughout their formation.
Term i m sorry of the adhering to statements about X rays and also radio waves is not true?
Definition X rays travel through space faster than radio waves.
Term which planet has a ring system?
Definition All the the above
Term i beg your pardon of the complying with is not a major difference in between the terrestrial and also jovian planets in our solar system?
Definition Terrestrial planets contain large quantities the ice and also jovian planets execute not.
Term follow to our theory of solar system formation, i m sorry law finest explains why the solar nebula spun much faster as the shrank in size?
Definition the legislation of conservation of angular momentum
Term once a rotate ice skater pulls in his arms, he spins quicker because
Definition his angular momentum must be conserved, so reducing his radius must increase his speed of rotation.
Term Newton proved that Kepler"s legislations are
Definition natural consequences of the law of global gravitation.
Term wherein did the aspects heavier than hydrogen and also helium come from?
Definition They were developed inside stars.
Term each of the following explains an "Atom 1" and also an "Atom 2." In which case are the two atoms different isotopes the the very same element?
Definition B)Atom 1: nucleus v 7 protons and 8 neutrons, surrounding by 7 electrons.Atom 2: nucleus v 7 protons and also 7 neutrons, surrounded by 7 electrons.
Term We can see each other in the classroom ideal now since we
Definition reflect visible light.
Term We have the right to see each various other in the classroom best now because we
Definition reflect clearly shows light.
Term We can see each other in the classroom ideal now since we
Definition reflect clearly shows light.
Term mean you kick a soccer round straight up to a elevation of 10 meters. Which of the following is true about the gravitational potential power of the ball throughout its flight?
Definition The ball"s gravitational potential power is best at the instant when the sphere is at its highest point.
Term us observe one sheet of a planet to be redshifted and the opposite edge to be blueshifted, what deserve to we conclude around the planet?
Definition The earth is rotating.
Term i beg your pardon of the following represents a instance in i beg your pardon you space not accelerating?
Definition driving in a right line in ~ 60 miles per hour
Term i m sorry of the following conditions lead friend to see an absorption heat spectrum indigenous a cloud of gas in interstellar space?
Definition The cloud is cool and lies between you and a warm star.
Term In what means is Venus most comparable to Earth?
Definition both planets are virtually the same size.
Term i beg your pardon of the following is not proof supporting the idea the our Moon created as a an outcome of a huge impact?
Definition The Pacific Ocean shows up to be a huge crater—probably the one do by the huge impact.
Term i m sorry of the following ideal describes the origin of s tides on Earth?
Definition Tides are resulted in by the distinction in the pressure of heaviness exerted through the Moon throughout the round of Earth.
Term i beg your pardon of the complying with statements is not one of Newton"s regulations of motion?
Definition What goes up must come down.
Term The acceleration of gravity on planet is roughly 10 m/s2 (more precisely, 9.8 m/s2). If you drop a absent from a tall building, about how quick will it be falling ~ 3 seconds?
Definition 30 m/s
Term suppose you fall a 10-pound weight and also a 5-pound weight on the Moon, both from the same height at the very same time. What will certainly happen?
Definition Both will certainly hit the ground at the very same time
Term suppose that Star X and also Star Y both have redshifts, yet Star X has actually a larger redshift than Star Y. What can you conclude?
Definition Star X is relocating away indigenous us quicker than Star Y.
Term expect you begin with 1 kilogram of a radioactive problem that has actually a half-life the 10 years. I m sorry of the following statements will certainly be true after two decades pass?
Definition You"ll have 0.25 kilogram the the radioactive substance remaining.
Term The wavelength of a wave is
Definition the distance between two surrounding peaks that the wave.
Term follow to the universal legislation of gravitation, if friend triple the distance between two objects, then the gravitational force in between them
Definition decreases by a factor of 9.
Term just how does the light-collecting area of an 8-meter telescope to compare to the of a 2-meter telescope?
Definition The 8-meter telescope has actually 16 times the light-collecting area of the 2-meter telescope.
Term whereby are many of the known asteroids found?
Definition between the orbits of Mars and also Jupiter
Term when a absent is held over the ground, us say it has actually some potential energy. As soon as we let that go, that falls and also we speak the potential energy is convert to kinetic energy. Finally, the rock hits the floor (and stays there). What has happened come the energy?
Definition The power goes to developing sound and also to heating the ground, rock and also surrounding air.
Term i m sorry of the following is not an benefit of the Hubble space Telescope end ground-based telescopes?
Definition It is closer to the stars.
Term What execute we median when we say the the sunlight is in gravitational equilibrium?
Definition There is a balance within the Sun in between the outside push the pressure and also the inward pull of gravity.
Term The Sun"s typical surface (photosphere) temperature is about
Definition 5,800 K
Term The Sun"s surface ar seethes and churns through a bubbling pattern. Why?
Definition We space seeing warm gas rising and cool gas falling due to the convection that occurs in ~ the surface.
Term The overall result of the proton-proton chain is:
Definition H ⇒ 1 he + energy.
Term Every second, the sunlight converts 600 million loads of hydrogen right into 596 million tons of helium. The continuing to be 4 million tons
Definition are converted to an lot of power equal to 4 million tons times the rate of irradiate squared.
Term Why perform sunspots appear dark in images of the Sun?
Definition They in reality are relatively bright, but show up dark against the also brighter lift of the surrounding photosphere.
Term follow to modern science, roughly how old is the Sun?
Definition 4.6 exchange rate years
Term Why space neutrinos so daunting to detect?
Definition They have actually a propensity to pass v just around any material without any interactions.
Term To calculation the main temperature of the Sun, scientists
Definition use computer system models come predict inner conditions.
Term What carry out sunspots, solar prominences, and also solar flares all have in common?
Definition The space all strongly influenced by magnetic fields on the Sun.
Term every stars room born with the same an easy composition, however stars can look quite different from one another. I m sorry two determinants primarily determine the innate qualities of a star?
Definition its mass and also its stage of life
Term which of the adhering to statements around spectral varieties of stars is not generally true?
Definition The spectral type of a star have the right to be used to identify its distance.
Term The choices listed below each describe the appearance of one H-R diagram because that a various star cluster. Which cluster is the youngest?
Definition The diagram mirrors main-sequence stars that every spectral type except O, in addition to a couple of giants and also supergiants.
Term If Star A is close to us than Star B, climate Star A"s parallax edge is
Definition larger than that of Star B
Term just how is the life time of a star concerned its mass?
Definition More substantial stars live considerably much shorter lives than less massive stars.
Term What is the usual trait the all main sequence stars?
Definition They generate power through hydrogen fusion in your core.
Term What is a white dwarf?
Definition It is the remains of a star that no much longer produces power by nuclear fusion.
Term consider a large molecular cloud the will offer birth come a swarm of stars. Which of the adhering to would you expect to be true?
Definition A couple of massive stars will form, live, and also die before the bulk of the star"s swarm even finish their protostar stage.
Term We do not understand for particular whether the general trends us observe in mainly birth weights also apply to brown dwarfs. However if they do, then which the the adhering to would be true?
Definition Brown dwarfs would certainly outnumber all ordinary stars.
Term What will happen to the star after phase viii?
Definition Its external layers will be ejected together a planetary nebula and also its main point will come to be a white dwarf.
Term i m sorry of the following statements about various step of main point nuclear burn (hydrogen, helium, carbon, etc.) in a high-mass star is not true?
Definition Each successive phase lasts for roughly the very same amount that time.
Term What is a protostar?
Definition a star that is quiet in the process of forming
Term What is the CNO cycle?
Definition The CNO cycle is a series of atom reactions that an outcome overall in the fusion of 4 hydrogen nuclei right into one helium nucleus.
Term No stars have been found with masses greater than 100 time our sunlight because
Definition they would certainly generate so lot power the they would certainly blow themselves apart.
Term which of the adhering to statements about degeneracy push is no true?
Definition Degeneracy press varies v the temperature of the star.
Term What perform we mean by the event horizon the a black hole?
Definition It is the allude beyond which neither light nor anything else can escape the black hole"s gravity.
Term What walk cosmological redshift execute to light?
Definition stretches that in wavelength
Term i beg your pardon of the complying with phenomena space not thought to be outcomes of collisions or various other interactions between galaxies?
Definition the reality that spiral galaxies have both disk and halo components
Term Why space white-dwarf supernovae much more useful for measuring cosmic ranges than massive-star supernovae?
Definition White-dwarf supernovae every have about the same true top luminosity, when massive-star supernovae come in a wide variety of top luminosities.
Term How deserve to we see through the interstellar medium?
Definition by observing in high-energy wavelengths such as X rays and also long wavelengths of light such as radio waves
Term Imagine that our sunlight were magically and suddenly replaced by a black color hole that the very same mass (1 solar mass). What would occur to earth in the orbit?
Definition Nothing—Earth"s orbit would continue to be the same.
Term What carry out we typical by a protogalactic cloud?
Definition It is a cloud of matter that contracts to end up being a galaxy.
Term Red and also orange stars are found evenly spread throughout the galactic disk, yet blue stars are commonly found
Definition only close to star-forming regions.
Term which statement about pulsars is not believed to it is in true?
Definition Pulsars can type only in nearby binary systems.
Term The maximum massive of a white dwarf is
Definition about 1.4 time the mass of our Sun.
Term which constellation lies in the direction towards the galactic center?
Definition Sagittarius
Term suppose you drop a clock toward a black hole. Together you look at the clock indigenous a high orbit, what will you notice?
Definition Time top top the clock will certainly run slower as it ideologies the black color hole, and also light indigenous the clock will be significantly redshifted.
Term The most straightforward difference between elliptical galaxies and spiral galaxies is that
Definition elliptical galaxies absence anything resembling the disc of a spiral galaxy.
Term What carry out we mean by the star-gas-star cycle?
Definition It is the consistent recycling the gas in the galactic disk in between stars and also the interstellar medium.
Term The primary way that we observe the atom hydrogen that renders up most of the interstellar gas in the Milky method is with
Definition radio telescopes observing in ~ a wavelength of 21 centimeters.
Term i beg your pardon of the following functions is not a attribute of a central dominant galaxy?
Definition They are regularly spiral galaxies
Term follow to current understanding, a nova is brought about by
Definition the fusion of hydrogen ~ above the surface of a white dwarf.
Term existing estimates location the period of the universe at about
Definition 14 billion years
Term where are most heavy facets made?
Definition in stars and supernovae
Term will certainly our Sun ever undergo a white dwarf supernova explosion? Why or why not?
Definition No, due to the fact that it is no orbited by one more star
Term most stars in the Milky Way"s gloriole are
Definition very old
Term What carry out we contact the bright, sphere-shaped region of stars the lie in ~ a couple of thousand light-years of the center of the Milky means Galaxy?
Definition the galaxy"s bulge
Term What does Hubble"s law tell us?
Definition the an ext distant a galaxy,the faster it is moving away native us.
Term What weird object carry out we think lies in the facility of the Milky means Galaxy?
Definition a much more than 2 milleion-solar-mass black color hole
Term What strange object execute we think lies in the center of the Milky way Galaxy?
Definition a an ext than 2 milleion-solar-mass black color hole
Term What strange object perform we think lies in the facility of the Milky means Galaxy?
Definition a much more than 2 milleion-solar-mass black color hole
Term The much more massive a white dwarf, the
Definition smaller that radius
Term What execute halo stars do in different way from decaying stars?
Definition Halo stars orbit the galactic center with plenty of different inclinations, when disk stars every orbit in nearly the same plane
Term intend that we observe a souce that X-rays the varies considerably in brightness end a period of a couple of days. What have the right to we conclude?
Definition The X-ray souce is no much more than a couple of light-days in diameter
Term What is one accretion disk?
Definition a decaying of warm gas swirling rapidly around a white dwarf, a ghost star, or a black hole in a binary system.
Term exactly how does one accretion disk roughly a spirit star different from an accretion disk roughly a white dwarf?
Definition The accretion disk around a spirit star is much hotter and also emits higher-energy radiation 보다 the accretion disk roughly a white dwarf.
Term In a picture like the Hubble Deep Field, we see galaxies in numerous different stages of your lives. In general, i beg your pardon glaxies space seen in the more quickly (youngest) step of their lives?
Definition The galaxies that space farthest away
Term i beg your pardon of the following display evidence of ancient river beds?
Definition Mars
Term What is a primitive meteorite?
Definition a item of rock the is essentially unchanged because it first condensed and also accreted in the solar nebula some 4.6 billion years ago
Term which direction perform a comet"s dust and also plasma tails point?
Definition generally far from the Sun
Term which statement is not true?
Definition Objects in the Kuiper belt space made largely of rock and also metal.
Term What is the many abundant gas in Titan"s atmosphere?
Definition nitrogen
Term i m sorry of the following civilizations has the most considerable atmosphere?
Definition venus
Term Pluto is various from the other outer planets in every one of the complying with ways other than which one?
Definition Its surface temperature is an extremely cold.
Term which of the adhering to gases is no a far-reaching ingredient that the jovian planet atmospheres?
Definition carbon dioxide
Term which of the adhering to does not have a significant effect in shaping planetary surfaces?
Definition magnetism
Term Why walk the burning of fossil fuels boost the greenhouse result on Earth?
Definition Burning release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere
Term What mechanism is many responsible because that generating the internal warmth of Io that drives the volcanic activity?
Definition tidal heating
Term What type of surface attributes may an outcome from tectonics?
Definition all the the over A)valleys B)mountains C)volcanos D)cliffs
Term when we view a meteor shower, it way that
Definition Earth is cross the orbit that a comet.
Term Jupiter"s colors come in part from its 3 layers of clouds. Which of the complying with is not the main constituent of among Jupiter"s cloud layers?
Definition clouds the sulfuric acid
Term What atmospheric ingredient is responsible for the blue shade of Uranus and also Neptune?
Definition methane
Term What was the Shoemaker-Levy 9 impact?
Definition the influence of a fragmentized comet on Jupiter, carefully observed by astronomers when it emerged in 1994
Term i m sorry of the following finest describes convection?
Definition It is the procedure in which warm material expands and also rises while cool material contracts and also falls.
Term processed meteorites with high metal content more than likely are
Definition chunks that a bigger asteroid that was wrong by a collision.
Term Why is Saturn virtually as big as Jupiter, in spite of its smaller sized mass?
Definition Jupiter"s higher mass compresses the more, therefore increasing its density.
Term Why is Saturn virtually as large as Jupiter, despite its smaller sized mass?
Definition Jupiter"s higher mass compresses that more, thus increasing that density
Term What room the problems necessary for a terrestrial planet to have a solid magnetic field?
Definition both a molten metallic core and reasonably fast rotation
Term i beg your pardon of the complying with statements around the moons that the jovian planets is not true?
Definition The majority of the moons are big enough to it is in spherical in shape, while just a few have the more potato-like forms of asteroids.
Term Why walk Jupiter have three distinct layers of clouds?
Definition The three layers stand for clouds make of gases that condense at different temperatures and also therefore various altitudes.
Term Why do asteroids and comets different in composition?
Definition Asteroids developed inside the frost line, when comets created outside.
Term mean you can float in room just a couple of meters over Saturn"s rings. What would you view as friend looked down on the rings?
Definition countless icy particles, ranging in dimension from dust grains to large boulders
Term Under what circumstances have the right to differentiation happen in a planet?
Definition The earth must have actually a molten interior.

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Term The many volcanically energetic body in ours solar mechanism is
Definition Io
Term according to existing ideas, Pluto is finest explained as
Definition one of the bigger (if no the largest) Kuiper-belt comets.
Term i beg your pardon of the following gases absorbs ultraviolet light best?
Definition ozone
Term i m sorry of the following defines erosion?
Definition the wearing under or structure up of geological features by wind, water, ice, and other phenomena of planetary weather
Term once you see the bright speed of a meteor, what room you actually seeing?
Definition The glow native a pea-size particle and also the surrounding air as the bit burns increase in ours atmosphere