Acronyms and also Emoticons

Our renowned Internet email, and also other online communication such aschat rooms and also instant messaging, is informal, quick, and easy. Everyone lovescommunication the is short, concise, and to the point. The shorter, the better.As a issue of a fact, in the surname of brevity, girlfriend will regularly see a cable ofabbreviations, referred to as acronyms, used in digital communications. Thiseasy-to-learn shorthand works favor a an easy code and makes communicatingelectronically an ext fun.

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If you understand what NASA or IRS to express to, you are currently familiar withacronyms. Email acronyms are similar to consistent acronyms—they are wordsformed from the capitalized letter of each of the very first letters that adescriptive phrase or indigenous a mix of letters that represents the longwords. One acronym is in reality a form of abbreviation. Although you occasionally seeacronyms or abbreviations created with durations after each letter—forexample, U.S.A.—periods are not offered in virtual acronyms.


An acronym is a word formed by combining components ofother words. For instance, modem is derived from MODulator/DEModulator. Oftenthese room the first letters of a longer phrase. For instance, BTW is the acronymfor by The Way, IMHO represents In mine Humble Opinion.

Understanding abbreviation will add to your enjoyment of online communication.They seem come lighten up the content. Using acronyms is fun. The is choose being amember that a club and also knowing all the an enig codes. Let’s watch at some funways to usage this internet shorthand.

Saying Goodbye

A whole group of acronyms for saying goodbye and also farewell has actually beencreated—a type of virtual closing because that an online interacting you aredoing. Why not shot some the these as soon as writing your email or the next time youleave a chat room?

BBL—Be ago later

BFN—Bye for now

BRB—Be ideal back

TTFN—Ta ta for now

TTYL—Talk come you later

When you desire to advice someone top top or send lock a word of encouragement, trythis well-known acronym:

WTG—Way to go

Many of this interjections can add expression and personality come yourmessages:

BTW—By the way

FWIW—For what it’s worth

GMTA—Great minds think alike

IAE—In any type of event

IMHO—In my humble opinion

IOW—In various other words

JFYI—Just for her information

OTOH—On the various other hand

WRT—With respect to

WYSIWYG —What you watch is what you get


WYSIWYG, pronounce wiz-ee-wig, stands for What You view Is What you Get. Itwas initially coined as a computer term that expected what you check out on the screenis what will print. This catchphrase originated v the Geraldine personality inThe Flip Wilson Show that the beforehand 1970s.

It is simple to tell the this acronym was occurred from chat roomconversation.

PMFJI—Pardon me for jumping in

How about a few regarding other funny?

LOL—Laughing out loud

ROTFL—Rolling ~ above the floor laughing

Some of the common solution acronyms seem rather flippant and even a littlesarcastic. Rather a couple of of them originated from conversation room banter. Perhaps becauseonline communications have no face-to-face contact, it is an extremely easy to overlookthe feelings of her reader. Friend might try using these usual responses, whichshow sensitivity:

HSIK—How must I know

NBD—No large deal

NOYB—None of your business

OIC—Oh, ns see

OTL—Out to lunch

TIC—Tongue in cheek

FAQR—a new acronym I just coined for "For a quickreview"—why not join in the acronym fun? To rate up your messages,pepper them lightly with the suitable acronyms, however use castle sparingly. Noone desires to spend hrs cracking an over coded message. Remember come useacronyms through sensitivity, in the occasion that her reader can not understand the tonein which you are writing. And also last, yet not least, be sure to gain them right;otherwise, you might have family and also friends ROTFL over your attempt to say BFNwhen girlfriend typed NBD instead.

Blooper Alert

Never type in all capital letters. In the internet world, this is consideredSHOUTING!

Another really entertaining form of net shorthand is using emoticons.Emoticons room keyboard characters that resemble person facial expressions.Emoticons are supplied to convey emotion or state the mind.

Email, conversation rooms, and also online conversations such as prompt messaging room theWeb’s truly distinctive methods that communication. Electronic interactions aresomewhat choose a cross between a letter without details and a phone contact withoutvocal tones and also expressions. In order to convey these missing qualities, a newshorthand can indicate once you space happy, as soon as you space sad, and also even when youwant come scream. This shorthand supplies standard keyboard symbols to create cutelittle pictures referred to as emoticons or smileys.

The 3 most usual emoticons produced with a keyboard are


A smiley face indicating happiness.


The sad challenge indicating unhappiness.


The winky challenge indicates a flirtatious or sarcastic remark.


Emoticons are combinations of key-board shortcutsthat resemble the human face.

To get the full influence of the emoticons, you need to lean her head to theleft as you look at them. Other emoticons include








A kiss






Bad hair day


Oh, what a night



Sandy’s Tip

Although it’s funny to usage emoticons, if you want to be taken seriously,you should be certain to use them sparingly.

Emoticons are so famous that lock have advanced into various other areas. Althoughthese emoticons have actually nothing to perform with emotions, they incorporate some clevercombinations the are simply plain fun.


Put your money whereby your mouth is!


Baseball fan


A baby




Needs a sleep job


User v moustache and also toupee


Guy through duck tape end his mouth

Emoticons are even used come represent renowned people, cartooncharacters, and animals. See if you can spot the resemblance or the connectionto the person or character noted.


Cindy Crawford or Marilyn Monroe


Santa Claus




Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer


Mickey Mouse




Figure 3.2 Thesegraphical emoticons are supplied in post boards and also email.

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Don’t girlfriend agree the emoticons room fun? developing them has come to be ahobby because that some. Even if girlfriend don’t desire to spend the time to create yourown, knowledge these cute tiny computer deals with will certainly add to yourenjoyment of virtual communications. And also they can constantly lighten up your email.Try it; you’ll choose it. :-)

Sandy’s Tip

Before friend download totally free emoticons or anything else from the Internet, besure to read the "End User license Agreement" that will certainly tell girlfriend if thewebsite plans come download added programs to your computer system or if the sitewill share her email address or other information you give it v others.