Have you done something to offend him? go he want to rest up through you? has he heard anything fishy about you?

These are the inquiries that pester our minds when we hear the native “I want to talk to you,” try not to overthink the situation, unless you’ve gained something come hide, and relationships based upon secrets don’t walk far.

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Depending on that he is; your boyfriend, a friend, or just someone you met online, it might be anything. That’s why ns sharing some feasible reasons anyone would certainly utter those words.


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23 feasible Meanings

1. He desires to gain to understand you

If girlfriend haven"t met him before, it"s for sure to to speak this is why he plans to talk with you face-to-face. He is probably simply trying to gain to know you better.

2. He wants to spend time v you


This is tragic, especially if you still have feelings for this man, however as I said earlier, things like this happen, and you probably currently saw it coming.

22. Girlfriend did something to upset him

He has actually probably uncovered out what you’ve to be hiding from him and also is coming because that you.

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23. He plans to surprised you

This may simply be a sign that he is going to surprised you, therefore you have actually a an excellent reason to it is in excited.