Pokemon Sword and also Shield Isle that Armor has actually reintroduced Tangela, however the an approach of evolving one right into a Tangrowth is no standard.

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Tangrowth Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle that Armor
Pokemon Sword and Shield"s first expansion, The Isle that Armor, has reintroduced a ton the old Pokemon back into the fold lot to the delight of fans. Countless of this Pokemon, however, have interesting methods that evolving them that has given some players trouble. This is true for Tangela"s advancement into Tangrowth.

Tangrowth has a unique evolution need that sets the apart from other Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and also Shield. Rather than simply evolving after ~ Tangela hits a details level, the player will have to teach Tangela old Power and also then level that up. Doing this will reason the Pokemon to evolve into a Tangrowth, in ~ which point the move have the right to be forgotten if desired.

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Tangrowth has always had this development method, therefore this instance is somewhat different from just how to acquire a Magnezone in Pokemon Sword and also Shield, which has adjusted from its normal method. Nonetheless, getting ancient Power because that a Tangela have the right to be a small bit tricky.

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As previously stated, in order to evolve a Tangela right into a Tangrowth, the player will should teach the Pokemon old Power. It seems that Tangela learns ancient Power native leveling up, an interpretation players can evolve this Pokemon by simply being patient. Bulbapedia mirrors that Tangela learns ancient Power at level 24, return in previous gamings it was in the early on 30"s that the Pokemon learned it. One of two people way, football player wanting to obtain this sooner could attempt to discover a relocate Tutor and learn the move early.

Finally, if going through the trouble of evolving a Tangela right into a Tangrowth is simply too much, the progressed variant wanders the Isle of Armor with loved one frequency and also can simply be caught outright. Tangrowth"s raised stats make it fine worth obtaining when contrasted to a Tangela, so one of these alternatives is likely the ideal bet. That hasn"t to be confirmed, however theoretically an ancient Power TM would work to teach Tangela the move also sooner, yet no one has found one yet.

Tangrowth can certainly prove to be a valuable addition to a team, together its high Defense, HP and also Physical and Special attack stats ensure that it can take a struggle while still handle some heavy damage. This, paired v the defensive nature that grass type attacks such together Leech particle or Giga Drain, make defeating a Tangrowth difficult.