On The CW"s Superman prequel collection Smallville, things have been structure up in between Lois (Erica Durance) and also Clark (Tom Welling) for six out of ripe seasons, yet on tonight"s episode, "Crossfire," things finally reach a transforming point: castle share their very first kiss.

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"Things gain a tiny steamy in between the two of them," executive producer Kelly Souders claimed with a laugh. "You really gain a strong, solid sense the love, and you really see exactly how much castle care about each other."



In the episode, Lois asks Clark to help her gain a radio job, just to find the terminal wants to hire them together a team. And also Oliver (Justin Hartley) do the efforts to gain a street girl named Mia AKA Speedy (Elise Gatien) far from a dangerous life. Mike Rohl command the episode, written by Holly Henderson and Mike Whitehead. The illustration airs tonight on The CW in ~ 8 p.m. ET.

Whether or not Lois will finally uncover that Clark is The Blur (so she doesn"t have to continually it is in knocked unconscious every various other episode or so to prevent her from see it), well, the we"ll need to watch and see. It would certainly be nice, considering we"re shocked the girl hasn"t suffered mind damage by this point.

Since we currently know Lois and also Clark eventually hit the sheets and wind increase married, here"s 5 reasons it"s about time Smallville acquired the two fated lover together:

1) Lois and also Oliver are ultimately done: and Clark and Lana are really, yes, really done. While us rooted for both couples, we"ve constantly known the Lois and Clark were intended to be. And also judging native Lois"s hot future dream around Clark (less the death and also mayhem), the pair are ready for an ext than simply a kiss.

2) Clark may disappoint Lois, yet he"ll never break her heart: She"s his an initial and last thought. Now, if only Clark, through all his super speed and also such, might figure out a means to make the Monster van Rally and play hero for this reason they can gain that an initial real date.

3) Lois deserves a hero that loves her: After being thrown to the next by Oliver far too numerous times and also playing second fiddle come his demons and also the green Arrow, the girl demands a guy she can count on. We"re prepared for the adventures of "Clark and also Lois vs. The world," together Lois said.

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4) It will be an ext than simply romance because that Lois and also Clark: Lois is additionally "really at the epicenter of Clark"s mythological past this season," said Souders. Lois" secret dream of the future provides her "insight and also some expertise that Clark requirements in order to defeat our villain Zod this season. For this reason not just are they crashing into each various other romantically, however they"re crashing right into each various other from a mythology standpoint together well."

5) Smallville"s near the finish of that is run: Nothing has actually been determined as far as we know, but "we room really gunning for a season 10," Souders said. The would more than likely be the show"s last.

Are you all set for Lois and Clark"s large kiss? and also should Clark lastly tell Lois the truth? carry out you care?