The apostles can have obtained the divine Spirit in ~ Pentecost either in the "upper room" or in ~ the holy place in Jerusalem.

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In the Acts of the Apostles, it is narrated that the apostles obtained the divine Spirit at Pentecost.

However, the exact location of this momentous event is not plainly marked, and many biblical scholars conflict where it might have happened.

Immediately ~ the ascension the Jesus, the is declared that, “When they gotten in they visited the top room whereby they were staying” (Acts 1:13).

It is clear the after the ascension the apostles saw the “upper room” or “cenacle.”

Then the Acts the the apostle skips with time to the events of Pentecost.

When the moment for Pentecost was fulfilled, castle were every in one place together. And also suddenly there come from the sky a noise like a solid driving wind, and it to fill the entire house in which they were. Then there appeared to lock tongues together of fire, i m sorry parted and came to rest on each one of them.

Acts 2:1-2

This is wherein the text is somewhat ambiguous. When the English translation says, “house,” part biblical scholars insurance claim that the author of Acts was referring to the “house” the the Lord.

House or temple

For example, later on in Acts we uncover the temple referred to as a “house.”

Our ancestors that inherited it brought it through Joshua as soon as they dispossessed the countries that God drove the end from prior to our ancestors, up to the moment of David, who uncovered favor in the sight of God and asked that he could find a dwelling place for the home of Jacob. However Solomon constructed a residence for him

Acts 7:45-47

Another argument for the “house” gift the temple is from the Jewish perspective, according to a writer at Torah Portions.

Even despite Luke walk not clearly state that the events of plot 2 took place in the holy place courts, the story infers the location.

The outpouring in ~ Shavu’ot arisen at the time of morning sacrifice and prayer. According to plot 3, Simon Peter and John retained the time of prayer in the temple courts.

This place could additionally accommodate the huge number that disciples who were baptized on Pentecost, together narrated in plot 2.

Those who embraced his message were baptized, and also about 3 thousand persons were included that day.

Acts 2:41

Nevertheless, biblical scholars disagree top top the interpretation of this passage, and also local legacy still insurance claims Pentecost developed in the “upper room.”

Whatever the location, what is true is that Pentecost did occur in Jerusalem and marked a pivotal point in the beginning of the Catholic Church.


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