I'm a relatively new hockey fan, and I to be watching part not-so-old feather videos of football player in a game without a helmet. When did helmets come to be mandatory? did something truly devastating happened before then? Thx


Became obligated in 1979, v a grand clause. So anyone in the league prior to then to be not required to wear one.

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Last player to go without a helmet was Craig MacTavish in 1996-1997.

I don't think any one incident made the rule.

As a next note, the NHL has recently excellent the exact same with visors. All brand-new players entering the NHL have to wear visors, with the rather grandfathered in. (You'll notification some human being getting mad at brand-new fighters because that wearing visors however they don't have a choice)

Not put on a visor doesn't make you tough, it renders you stupid. Ns wish there wasn't a grandfather clause to that brand-new rule.

Not wearing a complete cage or shield in the NHL I deserve to understand, as you are taking a hazard upon yourself, in order come play in ~ the greatest level possible. While ns think everyone can obtain used to a visor, I carry out agree the a cage messes through your peripheral vision a bit, particularly with pucks at your feet.

What I perform not recognize though space the idiots in beer leagues that wear one of two people no shield, or also a shield. Wear a cage, you are not being payment to play the game, and also whether her play drops of 15% or whatever, it really doesn't matter. In my critical beer league video game I experienced a separation open mouth and another guy shed a tooth. Therefore pointless.

Because lock realized the a chunk the rubber hitting your head in ~ 100mph has actually a high potential to reason permanent damage.

Obviously, no one remembers what occurred to Bryan Berard about full cages (or lack thereof).

Also, in regards to OP's question, after ~ 1979, NHL President man Ziegler describe the obligated helmet rule. Players who played before the ascendancy were grandfathered in (hence Craig MacTavish play without a helmet well into the 90s).

This to be of course after incidents involving Ace Bailey and Eddie Shore, and most infamously, the fatality of invoice Masterton.

I can't think they don't wear full cages honestly. V how tough they shoot and how rapid they move guys always get struggle in the face.

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