Have girlfriend recently had your wisdom teeth pulled? If so, you can be wondering, “Can ns smoke weed after a this extraction?”

Just organize on a second!

There are a couple of things you should know around using cannabis after gaining wisdom this removal surgery, and in this article, we’ll answer all of your questions.

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Smoking Weed after ~ a this Extraction

For plenty of of us, intense pain will immediately have us reaching for a joint because cannabis can work marvels for plenty of kinds of aches and body pain. In fact, cannabis’ pain-relieving properties room so effective it has even helped some world quit prescription painkillers altogether.

Many world would prevent using prescription painkillers if they could— even if they got a prescription from the dentist— due to the fact that of part side effects and also how addictive painkillers have the right to be.

But that doesn’t typical you need to spark the joint as shortly as your dental surgery is done due to the fact that it deserve to be a big risk of complications the could affect your restore time.

How soon deserve to I acting weed after this extraction?

Dentists introduce not smoking for at least 48 hours after acquiring your wisdom this pulled.

It’s recommended that you wait come smoke weed in ~ least 48-72 hours prior to smoking (and also longer if possible) after having tooth removed surgery. If you desire your mouth to heal in the quickest and cleanest way, don’t also risk it and abstain from cigarette smoking weed because that at least five days.

Two to 5 days of no smoking throughout the most painful time can seem choose a lot come ask. However there are far-reaching reasons to stop smoking weed after tooth extraction surgery— the key one being Dry Socket.


Dry Socket

Alveolar osteitis, an ext commonly referred to as dry Socket, is a ache dental condition that can occur after the removed of wisdom teeth.

As part of the recovery process after dental surgery, blood clots form at the exploit sites in ~ the an initial 24 hours, i beg your pardon helps prevent the bleeding.

A dried socket outcomes from a blood clot ending up being dislodged before the wound has a opportunity to heal, leaving bone and also nerves exposed, resulting in horrendous pain.

Dry Socket can also lead to additional complications such as infection and also gum disease.

Got your fist now? Good.

So, what does cigarette smoking weed after tooth extraction need to do with Dry Socket?

Primarily, that is the sucking activity during the be breathing that can displace the blood clot. As you suck on anything, be it a joint, bong, or straw, a negative pressure is produced inside your mouth. This an unfavorable pressure can actively pull both the stitches and also the blood clot the end of place, inducing a Dry Socket.

Important to note, there would be a the majority of blood at this point. Through the gerean gone, the wound is open once again, and many veins and also arteries in the mouth can bleed profusely if disturbed, so uneven you want red bong water or a mouth full of blood— stop smoking weed because that now.

But wait, yes sir more!


Avoid dried Mouth! remain hydrated

The dreaded dried mouth, aka ‘cotton mouth’, us all know and also hate can also have one adverse result on blood clots. A dry mouth deserve to be a haven for bacteria, which is the last thing you need with an open up wound in her gums. Not only is a dried mouth uncomfortable, it deserve to lead to further complications like an infection, which way you won’t be able to smoke weed for even longer!

Plus, dry mouth can lead to poor breath together well, so staying hydrated will not only assist you heal quicker after a this removal, it’ll be evaluate by anyone who’s helping to watch after you during the recovery process after obtaining a this pulled.

Benefits of cigarette smoking Weed after ~ a this Extraction

After acquiring your wisdom this extracted, an effective painkillers will certainly be prescribed by her doctor. Yet these pain medicines usually have from opium, which has been recognized to reason adverse next effects. That is additionally highly addictive and may reason reliance to build after the medicine is no longer required. This aren’t for everyone; many world opt come self-medicate with more natural develops of pains relief, like our old girlfriend marijuana.

Weed has actually been used for centuries together an alternative medicine in plenty of cultures across the world, and also only recently have we started to clear the secret behind this miracle plant. Cannabis is renowned for its ache relief and also anti-inflammatory qualities, many thanks to two cannabinoids in certain – THC and also CBD.

Pain Relief

Tetrahydrocannabinol, frequently known together THC, is the component of marijuana the gets you “high.” it relaxes your entire body and can drastically aid take her mind off the pain and swelling ~ the removal surgery.

When cigarette smoking weed, you ingest THC, resulting in the brain’s cannabinoid receptor to come to be stimulated, which triggers the brain’s “reward system” and reduces ache levels.

The nerves that detect ache (peripheral nerves) own copious quantities of cannabinoid receptors, which implies that cannabinoids have actually the ability to block nerve pain. 

Decrease in Inflammation 

After obtaining wisdom this removed, the main source of pain comes from the swelling and also inflammation surrounding the extraction site.

Luckily, CBD oil is renowned for fighting inflammation, which deserve to significantly assist anybody that has actually recently undergone wisdom this extraction.

But don’t take our word because that it; what go the study say?

Research conducted earlier in 2016 identified that cancer patient opting to usage marijuana displayed 64% less opioid use.

What’s more, a examine of 17,000 people break up that 70% of the group reported feeling much less pain and also had an improvement in their general well-being after ~ smoking medical marijuana.

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Don’t Smoke! Other ways to Consume Cannabis

So, what should you execute to reap the benefits the cannabis needs to offer as soon as smoking weed is not an option?

What if you simply wanted to prevent the harmful impacts smoking has actually on her lungs?

If you’ve been in search of an online dispensary that supplies many options to smoking weed, your find is over! in ~ Kootenay Botanicals, we have:

EdiblesOil TincturesLotions & object ApplicationPills, Capsules & TabletsVaping (use through caution!)


One the the best choices for utilizing the healing strength of weed after tooth extraction surgery is edibles. Restaurant are easily accessible in a multitude that shapes and also potency, enabling you to obtain them in any kind of style you want.

These variety from gummies and candies, chocolate, beverages, and even honey!

In some dental procedures, your wound might be sewn shut. If this is the case, a little gummy is certainly a possibility for relief or to alleviate swelling. However, if you have actually open wounds and solid foods are not an option, maybe go because that a cannabis-infused drink instead.

Has this tickled her tastebuds? check out our full repertoire of restaurant here.

Health Tip:

It is specifically important come remember to gently rinse your mouth after eating to avoid food corpuscle from coming to be lodged in your wound which deserve to lead come infection.

Oil Tinctures

Another wonderful way to acquire your much-needed sheep of THC or CBD is to usage oil tinctures. Cannabis oil tinctures are remedies made from three extract and also alcohol. These concentrates come in glass bottles through a pipette dropper.

Tinctures are easy to dose!

This is a wonderful equipment after getting a tooth pulled as there is no possibility of any type of complications arising. Simply place drops under her tongue where the cannabinoids will be soaked up directly into the bloodstream, providing virtually instant relief! You can also add the oil to any beverage of your selection if you prefer.

Additionally, tinctures allow you to have finish control over the dosage – have as lot or little as you have to make you feel comfortable again.

You can uncover an extensive selection of our tinctures, CBD oil, and concentrates in share today.

Lotions & topical Applications

CBD-infused creams are an alternative technique currently breaking right into the market. These topical ointments have the right to be used to treat acute pain and also sore muscles and inflammation. Produced by infusing high-quality marijuana with organic oils and also further blending with various other healing herbs, do a 100% natural and safe creams and lotions for personal use.

You can uncover our full variety of creams and also ointments the we sell here.

Pills, Capsules & Tablets

Cannabis pills room another good option for those in recovery from oral surgery. While not as fast-hitting together the oils, the usage of capsules is definitely one that the easiest means to monitor dosage. This an approach is most very closely related to restaurant in terms of once the high kicks in.

There room capsules containing just CBD or THC and capsules the contain both, do them simple to dose.

You can uncover the full selection of pills and capsules here.


While vaping is a discreet and also convenient means to consume cannabis, that is no recommended after ~ wisdom this removal, as the very same sucking activity when you smoke weed is quiet required, for this reason it can lead come the previously mentioned Dry Socket.

Nevertheless, if you have no various other option, try to do extremely irradiate tokes. But if possible, try not to vape or acting weed for a while.

For future use, our full selection of cannabis vaporizers is situated here.

A final Word

From help post-operation stress and anxiety to medicine pain relief, cannabis can administer many benefits that have the right to be a lifesaver to those who have recently undergone tooth extraction. However, due to the dreaded dry Socket and also other worries that can arise from smoking cigarettes weed too quickly after wisdom teeth removal surgery, that is much wiser come opt for various ways of eat cannabis.

Luckily, with cannabis legalization spreading across the globe, different methods are coming to be readily available. Edibles, cannabis oils, or capsules are most likely the finest option to revolve to after dental surgery and will carry out relief transparent the heal process.

With every these other options available, girlfriend don’t have to smoke weed anymore, and cutting earlier on exactly how much you smoke will certainly be better on the lungs together well.

4 things to remember after getting a tooth pulled

Make certain to drink lot of of water if girlfriend smoke cannabis, as it is vital to stop dry mouth to help the restore process.If you have to smoke, take incredibly light tokes and also make certain not to inhale too hard to avoid causing a dry socket.Avoid smoking cigarettes for at least 24-72 hrs after surgeryEdibles, capsules, and also oil tinctures space all good alternatives come smoking

Our store, Kootenay Botanicals, is one of the ideal places to buy these alternate products while you recover from wisdom this removal.

We additionally have a vast range of Cannabis because that sale in our weekly transaction section once the healing procedure is complete and also you’re ready to get ago to cigarette smoking weed again!


Commonly request Questions

Q: deserve to you acting weed after acquiring your wisdom this removed?

To avoid any further symptom after a this extraction, smoking cigarettes weed need to be avoided for prolonged period. This includes both cigarettes and also cannabis.

Q: how long carry out I need to wait prior to smoking weed after tooth removal

Most experts recommend waiting 72 hours prior to smoking anything after having actually a tooth pulled, and even much longer if possible.

Q: deserve to I start cigarette smoking 72 hours after this extraction?

While this is the recommended period after a this extraction, over there is quiet a possibility of the blood clot becoming dislodged native smoking. If possible, wait longer or simply be careful and take lighter tokes than usual.

Q: What wake up if you smoke before an oral surgery?

This is other you must avoid.

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Marijuana can cause complications come arise throughout surgery because of the way cannabis reacts v anesthesia, and therefore should be avoided in the days prior to the procedure.

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