The conch is the inner component of her ear, and there space two main regions of this center cartilage: the inner and also outer conch. The lower half is generally known together the within conch vice versa, the upper fifty percent is normally known together the external conch.

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Read on to uncover out more about getting a conch piercing, consisting of the ache level, heal time, cost and recommended jewelry.


✨ Conch Piercing rapid Facts✨

The conch is the inner component of her ear.PAIN LEVEL:6/10HEALING TIME: 6 - 12 months

How much does one conch piercing hurt?

How lot a conch piercing harms depends on whether you’re using a needle or a dermal punch.

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✨ A needle piercing would be around the exact same level of pains as many cartilage piercings – about a 5 the end of 10 on the pain scale.