And something has always been continuous through my years of dating - no matter who i’m dating, what stage of life i’m in, or exactly how we met.

You'll it is in in the start stages of date a guy, and after simply one or 2 dates, they'll text you and also ask around your taste in music. They want to recognize who her favorite band or artist is.

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So you'll tell them, and then realize that they didn't actually desire to recognize who your favorite band is, they just really want to tell friend what music they hear to. 

They'll send over playlists the you didn't questioning for, indicate song tracks the end of the blue, and almost always list really obscure artists that they choose to listen to.

Maybe they're hoping that you re-superstructure a love because that a similar niche artist? possibly they're do the efforts to use the transitive building to seem cool by musical association? I have actually no idea what the reason is for doing this but it wake up all. The. Time. 

I thought that it was just me for a few years until I began asking mine friends around this phenomenon and we all concerned the very same conclusion. 

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I uncover it specifically weird due to the fact that this is miscellaneous that only happens in dating. Once I fulfill a brand-new friend ns don't questioning them about their music preferences - it yes, really doesn't ever come up. Ns don't randomly send mine co-workers Spotify playlists the they didn't asking for. And I would never ever think come ask a guy what music the listens to because I simply assume he isn't a Taylor Swift fan favor I am. 

This isn't to say that ns don't favor the concern - music is wonderful. I just discover it really interesting and also kind of...intriguing that practically all guys I date ask a type of this question between the first/second date mark. 

Some of my girlfriends that i asked actually said they really choose the question, due to the fact that they love share music with civilization they’re dating! therefore we’re certainly all gift asked…but whether we reap the concern or fear it seems to vary.

Another mutual experience my girlfriends and also I establish we have actually is gift asked come play music because that a guy. You'll more than at your place, cooking dinner, and your day will indicate that you control the music therefore they can see what you hear to. Panic. What perform you play. Ns can't beat Taylor Swift in the moment. I require something that's an excellent for the lift but also chill and also intriguing and also oh mine god the pressure

My advice: pull a complete alpha move and also start play a NPR podcast. Tell your date an extremely earnestly that this is what you choose to listen to, and insist that you won't turn it off. Chef dinner come the podcast, make the end on the couch to the podcast i mean...he said you can play anything! 

Honestly I'm not bothered through this concern - i just find it funny that so numerous guys ask girls this in the early stages the dating. I'm also 100% certain that there is an train station of this - some concern that girls constantly ask males after the an initial date. Maybe it's around if they like to travel...what your favorite restaurant lot money castle make, it can be anything haha! 

In the odd chance that you're a guy reading this, allow me understand in the comments listed below if there's a specific question you constantly find your female dates asking you. I'd be super curious come hear what the is - and also I'm nearly positive I'm a culprit of questioning it haha. 

Well at any type of rate, I'm turn off to hear to ASMR - which is my most honest answer, i absolutely love listening to ASMR.