There is a few important events that happen in the unificationof the germanic Kingdoms. A main necessary event the happens wasthat germanic Kingdom and the Roman empire reunited.

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Charlemagne built an empire greater than

any known since old Rome. Each summer that led his armies against enemies

that surrounding his kingdom. He combated Muslims in Spain and tribes from other Germanic kingdoms. He conquered brand-new lands to both the south and

the east. V these conquests, Charlemagne spread Christianity.

He reunited Western Europe for the an initial time due to the fact that the Roman

Empire. By 800, Charlemagne’s realm was larger than the Byzantine

Empire. He had become the most an effective king in western Europe.

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In 800, Charlemagne traveled to Rome come crush an unruly mob

that had attacked the pope. In gratitude, Pope Leo III crowned him

emperor. The coronation to be historic. A pope had declared the

political best to confer the location “Roman Emperor” ~ above a European

king. This event signaled the authorized of germanic power, the

Church, and also the legacy of the roman inn Empire.