After six periods on the air, the hugely successful I Love Lucy sitcom ended. The stars had worn down of the weekly grind yet transitioned come the an ext expensive The Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Show specials. A baker’s dozen that those were developed over 3 years. Through the end, the writers had actually run dry and also the marital relationship of Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball had fallen apart. The day after the manufacturing wrapped, ball filed for divorce.

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Before the show ended, it was proposed that the Mertz’s, played by william Frawley and also Vivian Vance, proceed in their very own spin-off. The two had never liked each other off-screen however Frawley realized that the show could be very lucrative and agreed. Vance didn’t desire any component of it and also refused.

Sadly, the finish of the specials to be the critical time the the four actors would ever before play their iconic characters. Arnaz ongoing to produce and also direct and acted occasionally before eventually retiring. Round went on to act in three more series, movies, and also specials. Vance co-starred ~ above The Lucy Show for 3 seasons and then walk guest shots and also commercials ~ that.

After the finish of the Lucy-Desi collection of specials, Frawley went straight into a regular function on My three Sons, playing Fred MacMurray’s gruff father-in-law. In spite of the persona that the personalities he played, Don Grady and also Stanley Livingston have actually both shown that the was an extremely warm and also affectionate to them off-screen.

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Frawley did have actually his nasty next though and still didn’t care for Vance. It appears that The Lucy Show and My three Sons were developed on surrounding soundstages. According to a recent interview top top Stu’s Show, Grady and Livingston said that Frawley would offer them Frisbees and also tell them to toss them right into the Lucy soundstage, just as Vance to be filming a complex scene.

In 1965, after five seasons ~ above My three Sons, Frawley was fired. His health and wellness had come to be so bad that it was no longer possible to insure him because that the show. The gibbs wasn’t pleased about being let go and also reportedly returned to the set on a continual basis till he was asked to stop. He died on in march 3, 1966.

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Fittingly, Frawley’s critical on-screen appearance come in October 25, 1965 ~ above The Lucy Show. Vance had currently left the series and Frawley shows up in just a short cameo v Ball. For one quick moment, it’s prefer Lucy Ricardo and Fred Mertz are together again.