All the properties that a triangle are based upon its sides and also angles. By the an interpretation of triangle, we recognize that, it is a closeup of the door polygon that is composed of 3 sides and three vertices. Also, the sum of every three interior angles the a triangle equal to 180°. 

Depending upon the length of sides and also measure that angles, the triangles room classified right into different species of triangles. Triangle is an essential concept i m sorry is taught in many of the classes like class 7, course 8, course 9, class 10 and in class 11. You will learn the properties the triangles here together with its definitions, types and its definition in Maths.

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In the beginning, we begin from knowledge the shape of triangles, its species and properties, theorems based on it such together Pythagoras theorem, etc. In higher classes, we deal with trigonometry, whereby the right-angled triangle is the basic of the concept. Let us learn here some of the fundamentals that the triangle by knowing its properties.

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Types that Triangle

Based top top the SidesBased top top the Angles
Scalene TriangleAcute angled Triangle
Isosceles TriangleRight angle Triangle
Equilateral TriangleObtuse-angled Triangle

So before, stating the properties of triangles, let united state discuss varieties of triangles provided above.

Scalene Triangle: all the sides and angles room unequal.

Isosceles Triangle: It has actually two equal sides. Also, the angle opposite these same sides space equal.

Equilateral Triangle: all the sides room equal and all the three angles same to 60°.

Acute Angled Triangle: A triangle having all its angles less than 90°.

Right Angled Triangle: A triangle having one the the three angles precisely 90°.

Obtuse Angled Triangle: A triangle having actually one of the three angles an ext than 90°.

Triangle Properties

The properties of the triangle are:

The sum of every the angle of a triangle (of every types) is same to 180°.The amount of the length of the two sides that a triangle is greater than the length of the third side.In the very same way, the difference in between the 2 sides of a triangle is less than the size of the third side.The next opposite the higher angle is the longest side of every the 3 sides of a triangle.The exterior angle of a triangle is always equal to the sum of the interior opposite angles. This building of a triangle is dubbed an exterior edge property.Two triangles are said to be comparable if their corresponding angles of both triangles space congruent and the lengths of their sides room proportional.Area of a triangle = ½ × basic × HeightThe perimeter of a triangle = amount of all its three sides

Triangle Formula

Area the a triangle is the region occupied through a triangle in a two-dimensional plane. The dimension of the area is square units. The formula for area is provided by;

Area = 1/2 x basic x Height

The perimeter the a triangle is the length of the external boundary the a triangle. To uncover the perimeter the a triangle we need to add the length of the political parties of the triangle.

P = a + b + c

Semi-perimeter the a triangle is half of the perimeter of the triangle. That is represented by s.

s = (a + b + c)/2

where a, b and also c room the political parties of the triangle.

By Heron’s formula, the area that the triangle is offered by:

A = √

where ‘s’ is the semi-perimeter the the triangle.

By the Pythagorean theorem, the hypotenuse that a right-angled triangle deserve to be calculated by the formula:

Hypotenuse2 = Base2 + Perpendicular2

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Solved Examples

Example 1: If an it is intended triangle has actually lengths the sides as 5 cm and also perpendicular is attracted from the vertex come the base of the triangle, then discover its area and also perimeter.

Solution: Given, next of the it is provided triangle, say abdominal = BC = CD = 5 cm

If we attract a perpendicular indigenous the crest of an it is provided triangle, A to the base at point O, that divides the base right into two same sides.


Such that, BO = OC = 2.5 cm

Now, the area that triangle = ½ × base × Height

To discover the elevation of the triangle, AOB, we need to use Pythagoras theorem.

That is, Hypotenuse2 = Base2 + Perpendicular2

Or Perpendicular = (sqrtHypotenuse^2-Base^2)Therefore, OA = (sqrtAB^2-OB^2)Or OA = (sqrt5^2-2.5^2)OA = (sqrt25-6.25 = sqrt18.75)Area the triangle alphabet = ½ × BC × OA

= ½ × 5 × (sqrt18.75) = 2.5 × 4.33

Area the triangle abc = 10.825 cm2

Perimeter the triangle alphabet = sum of all its three sides

= 5 + 5 + 5 cm

= 15 cm

Example 2: If the sides of a triangle are given by 3 cm, 4 cm and also 5 cm, whereby the base is 4cm and the altitude the the triangle is 3.2 cm, then discover the area and perimeter of the triangle.

Solution: allow the offered sides of the triangle be:

a = 3 cm, b = 4 cm and also c = 5 cm

Altitude is the height of the triangle = 3.2 cm

By the formula of area the the triangle, us know;

Area = 1/2 x basic x height

A = (1/2) x 4 x 3.2

A = 6.4

Now, the perimeter that the triangle is provided by;

P = a + b + c

P = 3 + 4 + 5

P = 12 cm.

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The five major properties the a triangle are:It has actually three sides, 3 vertices and three angles.Sum the all three angles equal to 180 degreesSum the the size of any two sides of a triangle is always greater than the 3rd sidePerimeter the the triangle is equal to the sum of all three sidesArea of triangle is same to fifty percent of the product that base and height
Triangles space classified based on their sides and also angles. They are:Scalene triangle: all three sides space of different lengthIsosceles triangle: any kind of two sides space of equal lengthEquilateral triangle: All 3 sides are of same lengthAcute-angled triangle: any kind of one that the 3 angles measures less than 90 degreesObtuse-angled triangle: any one the the three angles measures more than 90 degreesRight-angled triangle: any type of one angle is exactly equal to 90 degrees
A triangle is a closed polygon in a two-dimensional airplane having three sides and also three angles. By the name itself, a triangle is do by combining two words tri means three and also angle.

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According come the angle sum residential property of the triangle, as soon as we add all the three internal angles of a triangle, the sum amounts to to 90 degrees. If ∠A, ∠B and also ∠C are the 3 angles of a triangle, then,∠A + ∠B + ∠C = 180 degrees
As per the exterior angle residential property of triangles, the edge formed outside the triangle adjacent to any kind of interior edge is same to the amount of internal opposite angles.