Yearbook signatures are claimed to it is in fun and carefree, but all that changes when you're suddenly challenged with composing a clever keep in mind to your crush.

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Sometimes just talking to her crush is tough enough, however giving lock a long-term message that they'll possibly read over and also over again? Talk around pressure.

So what deserve to you jot down that tows the line in between flirty and friendly? keep scrolling to view what to create in your crush's yearbook to have actually them thinking of you every summer long:

For the crush you bonded with during a particularly an overwhelming class:

"Thanks because that making bearable. If you begin to miss out on me too lot I'm just a text post away!"


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For once you want to show your to like they're special without getting too serious:

"I don't constantly write signatures other than H.A.G.S., yet when i do, it's for someone yes, really special."

For the to like who needs an pardon to text you:

"My signature isn't worth anything yet, so I'll just offer you mine phone number instead."

For the crush girlfriend really desire to see over the summer:

"Taking your pen together ransom. If you ever before want to check out it again, ns guess you'll just have to hang out through me this summer!"

For the crush who's yearbook is nearly full:

"Too plenty of memories for this small space. Guess you'll need to keep wondering about my favorite ;)."


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For the like who's graduating through you:

"Congratulations ~ above adulthood! Don't allow the 10-year reunion be the following time I view you."

For the crush who you're almost officially dating:

"Tempted to just write H.A.G.S., however I currently know her summer will be good because I'll be component of it!"

For the crush who you already have plans come hang out with:

"I'd create a long-winded signature, however I'd rather tell you everything face-to-face. Guess: v you'll need to wait till our hangout sesh!"


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For the like you've never really talked to:

"Trying come think of a signature and also realizing i don't understand enough around you.

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Let's say we change that following year?"

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