Kohl’s has actually been known to have good commercials (like this one for the holidays or this one for feather sales) and they are back at it because that the 2021 school year. Examine out this back-to-chool ad: 

The music.

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The tune playing together the soundtrack to this advertisement is almost 45 year old! It’s referred to as “This will Be our Year” by The Zombies. Right here is the complete track…

The song has actually been covered from bands favor OK Go and also the Foo Fighters, and also played live by The Avett Brothers, amongst many others.

The actor. The actor playing the duty as ‘father’ in this advertisement is Benjamin Chavarria, a man who wears countless hats consisting of actor, pastor, and also realtor. See more of his stuff on his Instagram here. 

Ben has actually a brothers that’s been in films and on TV, Gabriel Chavarria.

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