Acetone, CH3COCH3 , is a nonelectrolyte; hypochlorous acid, HClO , is a weak electrolyte; and also ammonium chloride, NH4Cl , is a solid electrolyte.

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Part A

What solute particles are existing in one aqueous solution of CH3COCH3 ?

Express your answer as a chemistry formula. If there is more than one answer, separate them by a comma. Include charges where necessary.

Part B

What solute corpuscle are current in an aqueous equipment of HClO?

Express your answer as a chemistry formula. If there is much more than one answer, separate them by a comma. Incorporate charges wherein necessary.

Part C

What solute corpuscle are current in one aqueous equipment of NH4Cl ?

Express her answer together a chemistry formula. If over there is an ext than one answer, separate them through a comma. Include charges wherein necessary.

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