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I can"t it seems to be ~ to discover the prize anywhere... What dimension are the bleeder screws for our cars? (2014 Mustang non brembo) Thanks.

I desire to say it"s 10mm, but it could be 3/8?Do you yourself a favor and also just get yourself both SAE and MM set of wrenches. Constantly use every little thing wrench fits tightest.wrenchin.gif

IIRC that is 10mmclosed finish wrench functions best; and also yeah a basic collection of every should incorporate the ideal one, use everything fits tightest
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IIRC that is 10mmclosed end wrench works best; and also yeah a basic collection of every should include the best one, use whatever fits tightest

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I don"t know the size, but it will be metric. Manufacturers don"t really do SAE anymore. The just thing that can be SAE is favor a body quicker or random screw or something but even then that is unlikely. One SAE wrench could fit but it will not be "proper" and has a better chance of messing up the bleeder screws.Also as much as the wrench, a flare nut wrench would certainly work finest for the soft aluminum/brass bleeder screws. You can round a brake bleeder screw really rapid with a standard wrench if you use the open up end.

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Bleeder screws are 11mm.Rear axle is SAE and I think the wheel studs space too. Whatever else on the car is metric.
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