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cg-tower.com Excel might show ##### in cells once a column isn’t vast enough come show every one of the cell contents. Formulas the return dates and times as an unfavorable values can likewise show as #####.

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To do a column more comprehensive to display cell contents in full, double-click the ideal edge the the tower header, or drag it to the width you want.


You can also try the following:

To make the cell components smaller, click Home >

next to Alignment, and then check the Shrink to fit crate in the Format Cells dialog box.


If numbers have too countless decimal places, click Home > Decrease Decimal.


If days are as well long, click Home > arrowhead next to Number Format, and also pick Short Date.

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Correct an unfavorable dates or times

When Excel mirrors ##### since the cell has actually a negative date or time value, make certain that you:

Verify dates and times are optimistic values once you’re utilizing the 1900 date system.


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