Yesterday, ns failed my biology exam. The concern was: "Name something frequently found in cells."Apparently, Niggers wasn"t the ideal answer.

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Teacher: "Now class, whatever I ask, I desire you to all answer at once. Exactly how much is 6 plus four?"Class: "At once!"
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One day, a teacher walks into her great to start the lesson. She walks up to the board and sees in small writing the word "penis". She think nothing the it and also wipes that off. The next day, she comes in and also sees the word "penis", only this time it"s a little bit bigger. She wipes it turn off again. Sure enough, the next day she come in and also sees "penis" ~ above the plank a tiny bigger. This proceeds until the finish of the year as soon as finally, it"s across the whole board. The teacher marvels what"s gonna occur the following day since it"s taking up all the room on the board. Once she came in the next day but doesent uncover "penis". This time she find written, "The an ext you obstacle it, the bigger the gets".
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Little Johnny remained in class and also the teacher stated "what we are going to do today class is, i am walking to offer you a letter and I desire someone to raise their hand and if l call on friend l want you to provide me a native that begins with the letter. For this reason The teacher states "A" and little Johnny immediately raises his hand but the teacher knows he will certainly say asshole therefore she phone call on little Mary and also she claims "apple." "Very good" the teacher replied. "Okay, how around the letter B" little Johnny once again instantly raises his hand and says "please please pick me" therefore the teacher thinks because that a moment and inside she head to know he"ll to speak bitch or bastard, for this reason she skips over tiny Johnny and also calls on little Brad and little Brad replies "boat." "Very great Brad" the teacher says. "Now how around C" the teacher asks. Immediately small Johnny"s eyes light up and also this time states "oh choose me, choose me l recognize one" the teacher soon goes right to little Bobby and also he says "car." "That"s a good one Bobby." for this reason the teacher go the very same thing v the letter D and ignores tiny Jonny increasing his hand. Now the teacher states "You"re every doing a good job class, how around E" this time small Johnny stands up waving his arms begging because that a chance. So the teacher pauses because that a heavy 10 come 15 seconds and can"t think the one bad word that starts with the letter E. Therefore she reluctantly phone call on small Johnny and little Johnny very nicely and also calmly claims "Elephant" and before the much-relieved teacher can also exhale, small Johnny put both hands up the end in prior of himself approximately two feet apart and also yells out "with a fucking penis this big!
Teacher: Now, Ramu, tell me frankly perform you to speak prayers prior to eating?Ramu: No sir, i don"t have to, my mother is a good cook.
Teacher: “You recognize you can not sleep in my class.”Boy: “I know. However maybe if you were just a little quieter, i could.”
Jacob: Why to be the teacher put on sunglasses come school?Leonard: Why?Jacob: She had actually bright students!

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Teacher: "Why did you laugh?"Boy: "I witnessed a strap of your bra."Teacher: "Get out! Don"t come to class for the next 1 week. An additional boy laughs..."Teacher: "Why did you laugh?"Boy: "I experienced both straps of your bra."Teacher: "Get out! Don"t come to class for next 1 month."The teacher bends to pick a chalk and also little Johnny starts go out of the class.Teacher: "Why space you going out?"Johnny: "With what I saw I think my college days are over."