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Back in 1996, Garth Brooks was readying up for his most sought-after human being tour in Atlanta. The country legend was overhyped to throw his virtuosic albums “Fresh Horses” and also “Sevens” to the masses.

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He used to rock a Takamine EN15C because that his records, including my all-time favourite “The Change” that still arouses the sentiments of American patriotism to this day. But, earlier then, the preparation for the tour gave rise to an advice within that to appear with something brand-new for the tour of his life — a guitar?

Yes! now that’s something to aspire for, specifically after he proudly refuse to receive his AMA award in January 1996 add by goosebumps and rounds that applause.

Takamine had a difficult time re-engineering the old EN15C for a custom-made guitar that would certainly suit Brooks due to the fact that the model had actually been discontinued, and also the professionals at Takamine didn’t inform the country star. Luckily, Takamine go it! ~ above the critical day of his rehearsal, two of his custom-made GB7C lay prior to his eyes, and also we remember just how mesmerized he stood.

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Initial Thoughts: Takamine GB7C

It’s yes, really mind-boggling the a nation king favor Garth Brooks had been using a conventional Takamine EN15C up to some allude in 1996. You i will not ~ find any kind of clues that trace earlier to this model, and also the nearest modern-day counterpart to the is the Takamine P3DC.

Takamine GB7C Garth Brooks Signature

Don’t obtain me wrong — the GB7C and the EN15C room pretty similar. Garth Brooks offered his traditional ‘86s EN15C come record and also perform his greatest hits, prefer “The Change” and “Standing outside the Fire.” However, that the share in the music industry that every artist should have his very own custom gear. Amplifiers and rigs may be one exception, but guitars? absolutely not.

What makes the Takamine GB7C Unique

Acoustic? Electric? How about Electro-Acoustic!

Garth Brooks refused the widespread concept of using either a condenser mic or piezo and soundhole pickups to amplify his ear-filling arpeggiated chords. Instead, that asked Takamine to craft him one electro-acoustic guitar v an inbuilt Takamine CT-4B II preamp, factory-calibrated to deliver that country sound us all reminisce about.

The cutting edge preamp is effortless to use. It has a simple layout the 4 faders for bass, mid, treble, and also volume. The faders sell a complimentary movement v no springs in the way, definition you have the right to customize the tone because that each frequency indigenous -5 dB to 5 dB and mess through what’s lying in between.

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As a guitarist, i really appreciate that the preamp’s integrated tuner works as a chromatic tuner also when the Garth Brooks signature guitar isn’t plugged. It has lights for every organic note indigenous C come B and also two up and also down arrows to denote the pitch quality (flat or sharp). A middle indicator sandwiches these 2 arrows and lights increase in eco-friendly to present that the note’s natural.

Precise Split-Saddle: accurate Intonation

Takamine incorporates a split-saddle in the Garth Brooks GB7C, and also the an outcome is faultless intonation. You deserve to determine the intonation by to mark a wire open, climate striking the note at the 12th fret, i beg your pardon marks the middle suggest of the 25.4-inch range length. If they enhance perfectly in terms of pitch accuracy, you’ve got a calibrated intonation.

Takamine GB7C – split Saddle

The Garth Brooks GB7C’s tilted split-saddle adds slim inches, customizing every string’s scale size to complement the nuances in intonation. In contrast, typical saddles market the very same scale length for every strings, leading to intonation alterations in the lengthy run.


In the long run, common saddles drop the intonation, and also the notes have tendency to sound level as you relocate down the fretboard.

Soundhole Design: A etc Within a Guitar?

The soundhole is what should’ve recorded your eye at very first glance. Actually, that what delay the Garth Brooks GB7C’s release. Rather of a one soundhole, Takamine employs a guitar silhouette one in the GB7C.

Takamine GB7C – Sound Hole

This guitar-shaped soundhole has actually a wider circumference than the generic, circular one we’re supplied to. I expected that I’d lose the deep low end when ns tried the Garth Brooks GB7C out due to the fact that the larger the hole, the greater the pitch. However, I uncovered that the will of molding the hole to this form serves the wild strumming the Garth Brooks accustomed united state to.

Design: The good Ol’ Dreadnought

The Garth Brooks Signature model adopts the classic Dreadnought v its substantial soundboard. One square shoulder is molten right into a cutaway to enhance the capacity to reach the higher register after the 12th fret.

The Garth Brooks GB7C attributes a heavy cedar peak with a satin finish. I think that the hard cedar is a great call from Takamine because steel-string guitars like this one require less thick wood for the note to vibrate as desired, and the cedar is a tonewood that serves this purpose, specifically when it pertains to strumming or finger-picking.

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Takamine additionally nailed that by unifying the back and the sides through the same tonewood: rosewood. Rosewood wasn’t included in this guitar’s top because it’s denser than cedar. Since rosewood supplies a broader dynamic range than cedar, it contributes to a better resonation of organic or artificial harmonics.

Combine this tonewoods with the giant type factor that the Dreadnought shape. The result you get is a deep base range, shining country-style highs, and, most importantly, a very complicated mid-range that’s often disregarded in the realm of acoustic guitars.


Now the we’ve quenched your thirst because that answering the “what type of etc does Garth Brooks play?” question, us hope you’ve drawn a photo of exactly how phenomenal the kind factor the this Garth Brooks GB7C is.

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