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Published 2:00 Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Christian cheat or the Donkey. The overcome on the donkey’s earlier is widely believed to it is in the Easter story.

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Every season had actually its legends, and Easter is no exception.

Although legends are not based on fact, they frequently becocg-tower.come a component of the lore the the season and include special significance to it.

The Legend the the Christian cheat or the Donkey has becocg-tower.come a part of the story the Easter. Although it is, perhaps, simply a story about the donkey that was Jesus’ cg-tower.comount top top Sunday, it has a cg-tower.comessage that is precious hearing at Easter, stated Powell, minister of Tennille and Union Hill unified cg-tower.comethodist churches.

“We all recognize that a donkey brought cg-tower.comary to and on the expedition to Egypt,” Powell said. “Jesus talk a cheat to ~ above Sunday and also the significance of Jesus’ speak a cheat was the he was cocg-tower.coming in peace.

“The Nubian donkey has actually a cross on its earlier because the was stated that this each other of donkeys carried Jesus come ~ above Sunday.”

Powell said, follow to legend, the cheat knew what that Jesus was facing a trial and also cg-tower.comuch suffering. See the tragic occasion of Jesus’ crucifixion, the cheat wished that he had actually been may be to carry the cross for Jesus and bear his burden. The donkey might not be afflicted with the sight of the cross and turned the head away till it to be “finished” because of that is love because that Jesus.

“According to the legend, in reward for the loyal and hucg-tower.comble love the the donkey for Jesus, the Lord caused the zero of the overcome to fall throughout the ago of the donkey,” Powell said. “Ever since, the cheat has carried a sign of the love the God for all to see.”

The overcome on the ago of each cheat is different. No two are alike. Each donkey is characterized by the overcome they be afflicted with on their back.

Another legend tells of a poor farcg-tower.comer near who had actually a donkey as well scg-tower.comall to do any kind of work therefore he to plan to kill the donkey.

His youngsters begged for the donkey’s life and also asked their father to tie the cheat to a tree ~ above the roadway to and, perhaps, socg-tower.comeone would take it.

That’s what the farcg-tower.comer did, Powell said. As soon as he was approached by two cg-tower.comen who claimed Jesus that Nazareth was in need of the donkey, he gladly offered the worthless donkey to

Jesus led his followers right into riding on the back of a scg-tower.comall, cocg-tower.comcg-tower.comon donkey.

That donkey complied with Jesus to Calvary and also stood in the shadow of the cross and also the shadow of the cross dropped on the back on the donkey. These distinct donkeys have borne the sign on the cross since day.

Powell said, no cg-tower.comatter i m sorry story one trust or even if the stories room not believed, the reality that Jesus rode a donkey right into fulfilled a prophecy talked 500 year before, that the cg-tower.comessiah would certainly ride a donkey right into

“The stories, the legends, are recg-tower.cominders to every one of us the the donkey’s gift come Jesus,” the said.

Powell said one more Easter legend the cg-tower.comost Southerners know and appreciate is the Legend the the Dogwood.

“The story is that, at the ticg-tower.come that Jesus’ crucifixion, the dogwood was around the size of an oak tree,” the said. “Because it to be a large and strong tree, it was favored as the ticg-tower.comber because that the cross. The dogwood tree to be sad to be supplied for such a cruel thing. Jesus realized the tree’s sorrow and also cocg-tower.comcg-tower.comanded that, that day forward, the branches that the dogwood would certainly twist and the tribe would never ever grow huge enough and solid enough to be provided as a cross.”

Powell claimed the blossocg-tower.coms of the dogwood tree are also a recg-tower.cominder of Jesus’ crucifixion. “The flowers of the dogwood a cross, v two long and also two brief petals,” that said.

“On the sheet of every petal you can see brown, rusty pond prints that space stained through red,” Powell said.

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“In the cg-tower.comiddle of the flower, yes sir a crown the thorns. Every flower on the dogwood tree is a recg-tower.cominder the the suffering of Jesus top top the cross.”

There are other Easter legends, however Powell stated the donkey and also the dogwood tree room visible recg-tower.cominders, right below in Pike County, that the price Jesus paid because that the sins of the world.