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Monosilane; Silane; Silicane; Silicon hydride; Silicon hydride (SiH4); Silicon tetrahydride;

Enthalpy of development (Hfg),Entropy, incorporated heat volume (0 K to 298.15 K) (HH), warm Capacity (Cp)PropertyValueUncertaintyunitsReferenceComment
Hfg(298.15K) 34.701.50kJ mol-1Gurvich
Hfg(0K) 43.921.50kJ mol-1Gurvich
Entropy (298.15K)
204.21J K-1 mol-1Gurvich
Integrated warmth Capacity (0 to 298.15K)
10.53kJ mol-1Gurvich
Heat volume (298.15K)
42.79J K-1 mol-1Gurvich
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Vibrational level (cm-1)
Mode NumberSymmetryFrequencyIntensityCommentDescriptionFundamental(cm-1)Harmonic(cm-1)Reference(km mol-1)unc.Reference
1A12187 Shim
2E975 Shim
3T22191 Shim282.03.0 1994Coa/McK:269
4T2914 Shim381.04.0 1994Coa/McK:269
vibrational zero-point energy: 6726.0 cm-1 (from an essential vibrations)Calculated vibrational frequencies because that SiH4 (Silane).

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Rotational Constants (cm-1)
203.6934amu3Å69.32706468642334E-118gm3 cm6
Distances in ÅSi1H2H3H4H5Si11.47981.47981.47981.4798H21.47982.41652.41652.4165H31.47982.41652.41652.4165H41.47982.41652.41652.4165H51.47982.41652.41652.4165
Calculated geometriesfor SiH4 (Silane).

Experimental Bond angles (degrees) indigenous cartesians

atom1atom2atom3angle atom1atom2atom3angle
H2Si1H3109.471 H2Si1H4109.471
H2Si1H5109.471 H3Si1H4109.471
H3Si1H5109.471 H4Si1H5109.471
Bond descriptions

Examples: C-C solitary bond, C=C, double bond, C#C triple bond, C:C fragrant bondBond TypeCount
ConnectivityAtom 1Atom 2

Electronic energy levels (cm-1)Energy (cm-1)Degeneracyreferencedescription
01 1A1
Ionization Energies (eV)Ionization EnergyI.E. Unc.vertical I.E. V.I.E. Unc.reference

Dipole, Quadrupole and PolarizabilityElectric dipole minute
StateConfigState descriptionConf descriptionExp. Min.Dipole (Debye)ReferencecommentPoint GroupComponentsx y z totaldipolequadrupole
Calculated electric dipole moments because that SiH4 (Silane).Electric quadrupole minute
StateConfigState descriptionConf descriptionExp. Min.Quadrupole (D Å)ReferencecommentPoint GroupComponentsxxyyzzdipolequadrupole
Calculated electric quadrupole moments because that SiH4 (Silane). Electric dipole polarizability (Å3)
alpha unc.Reference
Calculated electric dipole polarizability because that SiH4 (Silane).

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