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The author of "An occurrence at Owl Creek leg " go not explain what Farquhar to be doing when he to be arrested by the Union soldiers. The details details are left up to the reader"s imagination, probably due to the fact that they would call for a good deal of summary which would detract from...

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The writer of "An incident at Owl Creek Bridge" go not describe what Farquhar to be doing as soon as he to be arrested by the Union soldiers. The details details are left up to the reader"s imagination, probably because they would need a great deal of description which would detract native the dramatic attention of the story. No doubt Farquhar must have actually gone come the vicinity of the bridge on horseback and left his steed hitched to a tree at some small distance away. He could have carried something prefer kerosene, and he would have lugged plenty that matches.

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The soldiers would not be expecting Farquhar in particular. The federal scout must have actually spread the same tale all over the region. However they would certainly be ~ above the lookout for some saboteur, and they would have pounced on Farquhar at about the time that was putting his kerosene on the driftwood--assuming the federal scout really was informing the fact when he said:

"I to be there a month ago. Ns observed the the flood of last winter had lodged a an excellent quantity of driftwood versus the wooden pier in ~ this finish of the bridge. The is currently dry and would burn choose tinder."

However, over there is no reason to believe what the federal scout told Farquhar. If the bridge is of strategic importance and there space a lot of Union soldiers sitting roughly with nothing come do, then the officer in charge could have had actually all the driftwood cleared far at sometime during the previous month. It would certainly be simple enough to have actually the logjam broken up and the wood thrown right into the flooded creek. In that case, Farquhar would be caught with a can of kerosene, a pocket full of wooden matches and possibly a bundle of rags, yet that would be sufficient circumstantial proof to cave him.