We’re being asked todetermine the variety of orbitalscontained in thethird major level (n = 3).

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Recall the thequantum numbersthat define an electron are:

Principal Quantum Number(n): faces thesize and energy of the atom orbital.

Thepossible values for nare1 come ∞.

Angular momentum Quantum Number(l): deals with theshape of the atomic orbital.

Thepossible worths for lare0 come (n – 1).

Magnetic Quantum Number(ml): faces theorientation that the atom orbitalin 3D space.

Thepossible values for mlare the selection of l:–l to +l.

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How numerous orbitals are consisted of in the third principal level (n=3) that a provided atom?

A) 7

B) 5

C) 9

D) 3

E) 18

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