Bury all your keys in mine skinCome away through innocence, and leave me through my sinsThe air approximately me tho feels like a cageAnd love is simply a camouflage for what resembles fury againSo if girlfriend love me, allow me go.And operation away before I know.My love is simply too dark to care.I can"t damage what isn"t there.Deliver me into my fate, if I"m alone ns cannot hateI don"t deserve to have actually youMy laugh was taken long ago, if i can change I hope I never ever knowI still push your letter to mine lipsAnd cherish castle in components of me that savor every kissI couldn"t challenge a life without your lightBut all of that was ripped apart, once you refused to fightSo conserve your breath, I will certainly not care.I think ns made it an extremely clear.You couldn"t hate enough to love.Is that claimed to it is in enough?I only wish friend weren"t my friend.Then I could hurt girlfriend in the end.I never asserted to it is in a saintMy own was banished lengthy ago, it took the death of expect to let friend goSo break yourself versus my stonesAnd spit your pity in my soulYou never needed any kind of helpYou marketed me the end to conserve yourselfAnd i won"t listen to your shameYou ran away, you"re every the sameAngels lie to store controlMy love was punished long agoIf friend still care, don"t ever let me knowIf girlfriend still care, don"t ever let me know

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Song MeaningEach part is around love, yet each section is different.Part one is is around how he wants her to remain away. It"s fate to be alone, and also these points only cause pain for him and those involved. It"s also late to conserve him therefore don"t provide him false hope by making him autumn in love. Part two is after they breakup. The still remembers the an excellent times lock had, but long ago. She to be making points better, yet things got to hard and she left him, at least romantically. She was overwhelmed by his problem(s), and tried to support him as a friend. He thinks that her thinking is bad and refuses to also listen to her. The can"t be her friend, but he additionally can"t dislike her since they to be so close. It"s her own fault since he told she he was also messed up, but she didn"t listen. She was his last hope because that being better, and also he had to provide all expect to expropriate that she"s gone.The third part is whereby he is staying clear of her attempts come help. He has actually a stone will, and also she"ll rest herself make the efforts to gain through come him. She can pity him if she wants yet it"s no difference to him. She provided up top top him since she was also weak to continue to be with him, like he predicted. He doesn"t desire to listen the factors why. She left similar to everyone else, therefore the factors don"t really matter. Expect keeps making that seem like there"s a possibility for him, but it is ultimately manipulation the messes through his head. This constantly happens come him, and he gives one critical warning to stay away. Even if she does yes, really love him, the will just cause much more pain. So just stay away, the doesn"t desire to have hope again just so it deserve to die again.