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The plural of Wolf

The plural of wolf is wolves.If you live amongst wolves you have to act prefer a wolf.(Nikita Khrushchev) an audience have the right to be choose a load of wolves. (Paul Mooney) The noun wolf adheres to the conventional rules for developing the plurals of noun in English (shown in the table below).

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The traditional Rules for creating the Plurals

The table listed below shows the conventional rules for forming the many of noun in English.TypeExample of TypeForming the PluralPlural
Most Nouns desk lamp scythe add s lamps scythes
Noun ending s, sh, ch, x or z bus dressadd es buses dresses
Nouns ending o hero zero tomato add either s or es(There room no rules for this - you need to know.) heroes zeros tomatoes
Nouns ending o patio ratioadd s patios ratios
Nouns ending y story pennychange the y come an ns and include es story pennies
Nouns finishing y storey (
) donkey
add s storeys donkeys
Nouns finishing f or fe dwarf wolfves and/or s(There are no rules - you have to know.) dwarfs wolves
Exceptions male louse some noun undergo a collection or letter change guys lice
More exceptions salmon sheepsome nouns do not change at all salmon sheep

Why Is There man over the plural of Wolf?

There is confusion since the dominance for developing the many of nouns ending f isn"t straightforward. Many nouns will drop the f and also gain a ves. For example: loaf becomes loaves.Leaf i do not care leaves. Some just include s. Because that example:Roof i do not care roofs.Chief becomes chiefs.With some words, both versions space accepted. For example:Scarf becomes scarfs or scarves.dwarf i do not care dwarfs or dwarves.The many is always wolves. Unfortunately, over there is no clever method of discovering which nouns finishing f follow which rules. You have to know.Of note, the verb to wolf down way to eat something quickly.

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In the 3rd person present tense, it i do not care wolfs down.