What is the difference in between an eave roof and a gable end roof?

We have had actually various discussions about roofs in our latest blogs such as Architectural Roof species and the prestige of Roof Pitches, now allows dive deeper into these 2 roof types. What is the an interpretation of one eave and gable roof and how execute they differ?


An Eave is defined as the edge of the roof the overhangs the face of a wall. This is the section of the roof that protrudes past the side of a residence or building. In contrast, a Gable (or Rake) is the overhang of a building that wake up on the side that is topped by a gable roof.

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Why do we need eave and gable roofs?

Well, lock are essential features of a building and also actually offer a purpose. The primary duty of eaves is to keep rain water (or melt snow) turn off the side of a house. It stays clear of water from entering the house at the suggest the roof meets the wall. Gable (or Rake) overhangs pretty much administer the same sort that protection, yet at the end wall of a house.

Some various other purposes because that eaves can be to avoid erosion of the foundation footings below the residence by transporting the water far from the sheet of the building. Lock also aid to alleviate splatter indigenous water together it access time the floor below.

In some residence designs deep roof eaves and gables may serve to defend the house from solar gain. Lock may also be design to allow important sunlight angles in to warm the residence in the winter and then store the warm sun the end in the summer.


The photo above is a beautiful instance from ours Steamboat Springs Timber structure Home.

Eaves and gable roofs in historical architecture?

Historically, eaves haven’t been just around protecting a building, lock have also been a ar of decoration and also ornamentation come define particular architectural styles. For example, a craftsman format home can be categorized by its big eaves and gables the contain decorative brackets. Also, back in the work of Roman and Greek architecture, the structures contained cornices finished v decorative molding which offered the purpose of eaves. In addition, in Chinese style they used dougong bracket equipment which are distinctive structural aspects of interlocking wood brackets.

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What parts consist of an eave and gable roof?

Eaves might terminate in a fascia i beg your pardon is a plank running the length of an eave to safeguard the ends of the roof rafters. The underside that the eaves may contain a horizontal soffit fixed in ~ a right angle come the wall surface to seal the gap between the rafters indigenous weather.

I hope the this conversation involving eaves and also gables (or rakes) provides you a far better understanding of their differences and why we need them. Deserve to you imagine how ridiculous your house might look without them?