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What is opposing of wide and also wider?

For instance, is the corresponding opposite to sentence one below really sentence two?

The Ipad2 is wider 보다 the iPad Air.The iPad wait is narrower than the iPad2.

I ask due to the fact that narrower does not sound ideal to me.



The antonyms the wide and also wider room narrow and narrower. With many comparatives, you can opt to use the -er suffix or you deserve to prepend words more. Generally, multisyllable words, such as narrow, would be prepended with words more. So, if you don"t feeling comfortable with the word narrower climate you have the right to use more narrow.

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"More clear" vs "Clearer": as soon as to use "more" rather of "-er"?



The opposite of wide is narrow, and also your instance is correct. If you"re talking about the depth the the device, you can say that is thinner or skinnier. You could likewise say it"s less wide if friend don"t choose using narrower.


Ngrams relatively conclusively picks the end narrow as the opposite of wide. If you ask it because that "* or wide" and also "wide or *", whereby the asterisk is a wildcard, narrow leader by a large margin. Vice versa, Ngrams mirrors that narrow has actually two opposites, wide and broad.

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