3.1 Weighing things

It’s advantageous to have an idea of just how much points weigh. That can help you to job-related out the weight of fruit or vegetables come buy in a market, for example, or whether her suitcase will be in ~ the weight border for a flight.

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Try estimating the weight of something before you weigh it. That will help you to get used to steps of weight.

Hint: Remember to use proper units. Offer the load of little things in grams and also of heavy things in kilograms.

Which metric unit would you use to weigh an apple?Estimate just how much one apple weighs and then sweet one.How lot would 20 of these apples weigh? would you use the very same units?


An apologize is quite small, for this reason it have to be weighed in grams.

How lot did you calculation that one apple weighs? A reasonable estimate would certainly be 100 g.

When we weighed an apple, it was 130 g.

Twenty apples would certainly weigh:

130 × 20 = 2,600 g

Remember the metric conversion diagram? To transform from grams come kilograms, you have to divide the number in grams by 1,000. So the load of the apples in kilograms is:

2,600 g ÷ 1,000 = 2.6 kg

Now shot the adhering to activity. Mental to check your answers as soon as you have actually completed the questions.

How much do ten teabags weigh? Estimate and then sweet them.How heavy is a bottle of sauce? just how much would certainly a situation of 10 party weigh?

Hint: The weight displayed on the label is the load of the sauce – that doesn’t include the load of the party or jar that the sauce come in. For this reason for an accurate measurement, you have to weigh the bottle rather than read the label!

How hefty is a book?


Our proposal are shown in the table below. Her estimates and also measured weights might be different, but they should be about similar.

A case of ten party of sauce would weigh:

450 × 10 = 4,500 g

As formerly noted, 1,000 g = 1 kg, for this reason 4,500 g = 4.5 kg – which is just how you would an ext usually express this weight.

If your publication weighed more than ours, you might have given its weight in kilograms. If you determined a tiny book, that may have actually weighed a lot less.

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