The first act the The Crucible sets the phase (literally, heh) because that the disturbing succession of events that will unfold in plot 2, 3, and 4. Many of the major characters space introduced, and there are critical insights into various politics and personal conflicts the threaten come disrupt the society order in the town of Salem. We also learn just how the witchcraft craze obtained started and also why the spiraled the end of control. This write-up will go over the an extremely important sequence of events and their thematic relevance so you have the right to answer every the questions your English teacher throws in ~ you.

I"ll provide both a short review and a lengthy summary. The short an introduction is just the bare bones the what happened without gaining into too much detail about conversations that are much less relevant come the main plot. It"s much more of a review to read after you"ve already gone v the play yourself.

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The long summary, i beg your pardon I"m selecting to call the "oops, ns didn"t review it" summary, is more in-depth. It goes through every little thing that wake up in act 1 without getting too much into the weeds. regardless of the location of the 2nd summary, i urge you to actually read the play for this reason you have a stronger knowledge of the voices the the characters and the thematic clues Miller is trying to make. Also, if you don"t read it you"ll miss out ~ above some exceptional stage directions that can be easily misinterpreted as giggle-worthy euphemisms if you"re together immature together me and my other cg-tower.com writers.

The CrucibleAct 1 an overview — brief Version

Ten-year-old Betty Parris has contracted a mysterious condition that provides her mute and bedridden. Her father, Reverend Samuel Parris, captured her dancing in the woods the night before with a group of girls. The group contained his teenage niece, Abigail Williams, and his slave, Tituba. Rumors have spread about town the witchcraft is the cause of Betty’s illness, and also people are now gathered in ~ the Parris household. Parris concerns Abigail about the rumors, yet she insurance claims the girl were just dancing. Ann Putnam states that her daughter, Ruth, who was through the team in the woods, is additionally afflicted v a strange illness. Every one of Ann’s children except Ruth have died as infants. Ann sent out Ruth to Tituba in hopes that she would have the ability to communicate through her siblings and also find out who or what was responsible for your deaths. To her uncle"s dismay, Abigail admits the Tituba and Ruth were conjuring spirits in the woods.

Abigail and two girls called Mercy Lewis and Mary Warren, that were also in the woods, are left alone v Betty. They try to wake she up together they get their story straight. Betty blurts out that Abigail drank chicken blood in an effort to actors a order that would kill Elizabeth Proctor, and Abigail cautions her to store quiet (or else). Man Proctor beginning the room, and also Mercy and also Mary leave Abigail alone with him. John and also Abigail had actually an affair as soon as Abigail worked as a servant in his house, and Abigail wants it come continue. man insists the he has actually recommitted self to his wife, Elizabeth. Betty whimpers when she hears the Lord’s name in a psalm that civilization are singing exterior the room. Everyone that is singing exterior the room rushes in to check on her. Betty"s distress is taken as additional evidence that witchcraft by Ann Putnam, and some that the others begin to come around to this concept as well.

An pundit church leader named Reverend Hale come from the city of Beverly to investigate the situation and see if he have the right to detect any kind of signs of witchcraft. Abigail confesses that Tituba called the Devil after more details about the ahead night space revealed. Tituba isn’t allowed to tell her side that the story (that Abigail was actually the instigator), and also when she is intimidated with hanging she confesses that she’s been compelled to job-related for the Devil. She also names Sarah an excellent and sarah Osburn as fellow witches ~ prompting by Parris and Hale. Abigail and also Betty then recognize their unwilling involvement in witchcraft and shout the end the names of several other womenwho they insurance claim to have actually seen through the Devil.

I want YOU to sign up with my plot to totally mess v a super lame city in Massachusetts.

The CrucibleAct 1 an introduction — “Oops ns Didn’t read It” Version

Act 1 opens up on a bedroom in Reverend Samuel Parris’ home in the spring of 1692.Parris’ daughter, 10-year-old Betty, is in a deep sleep together a an outcome of an unknown illness, and Parris is kneeling in prayer beside her bed.A woman named Tituba is presented as the Parris family"s middle-aged servant from Barbados; she do the efforts to inspect on Betty, but she is automatically ordered out of the room by Reverend Parris.

Abigail Williams, Parris’ 17-year-old niece, start the room.She speak him that Susanna Walcott is there v a article from the doctor.Susanna is a teens a tiny younger 보다 Abigail.She claims that the physician can"t uncover anything physically wrong through Betty, and also they must start to consider supernatural pressures as a potential culprit.Parris is very concerned about damage to his reputation if witchcraft is discovered in his house. He urges Susanna to tell the physician to continue looking for medical reasons because that Betty’s condition. However, the has additionally summoned Reverend Hale indigenous the neighboring town the Beverly to quietly investigate whether there is any truth come this supernatural hypothesis.

Susanna leaves, and also Abigail and also Parris room alone v Betty.Abigail reveals the the rumor the witchcraft has already spread about town, and also many human being are gathered in the parlor of the house.Parris is wake up to discredit this rumors due to the fact that he fears they may be true.The vault night, he observed Abigail and Betty dance in the woodland with Tituba. He also saw a dress on the ground and also a girl running naked with the woods. Abigail claims that lock were simply dancing, but Parris knows the she’s not informing the whole truth.Parris demands to understand whether witchcraft was involved.

He thinks the his reputation is shaky in town and also that there’s a group of world who would favor to oust him from his place of power.He doesn’t want one of his opponents to discover out what yes, really happened before he does and use it versus him.Abigail proceeds to firmly insist that the girl were simply dancing.

Parris still doesn’t to trust her, and he bring up an additional suspicious scenario.Abigail to be dismissed indigenous the household company of a man named john Proctor there is no explanation, and Proctor’s wife Elizabeth appears to strong dislike her.Abigail says Elizabeth is simply a big ol’ meany and she didn’t execute anything to worthy this.

At this allude in the conversation, a tormented middle-aged woman named Ann Putnam beginning the room in addition to her husband, cutting board Putnam.Ann’s only daughter, Ruth Putnam, is exhilaration catatonic, and also Ann thinks Betty is afflicted with the same supposedly supernatural illness.Ann is a for sure believer in witchcraft since seven of her babies have died in infancy, leaving her with only one living child. She sees no feasible explanation for this the is not superordinary in nature. The Putnams are glad the Parris has summoned Reverend Hale to inspection the situation because Hale supposedly caught a witch in Beverley recently.

Parris is still trying come shut down the witchcraft conversation since of the damage it can do to his reputation.Ann reveals to Parris that she actually sent Ruth come consult through Tituba the night before because Tituba can communicate with the dead.Ann wanted Ruth to talk to her dead siblings and find out who eliminated them.The Putnams say they are persuaded that a baby-killing witch is to run rampant.Abigail realizes that she can not hide the truth totally now the Ann has actually revealed that she sent out Ruth to Tituba to try and interact with the dead.Abigail admits the Tituba and also Ruth to be conjuring spirits.Parris is convinced his livelihood is damaged now the someone who resides under his roof has been revealed to be a witch. ThomasPutnam speak Parris the should get ahead the the situation and make the witchcraft accusations self so no one deserve to accuse him first.

A girl called Mercy Lewis, that is Putnam’s servant, come to check on how Betty is doing, and the Putnams and also Parris leave so the Parris deserve to lead everyone in a psalm.Abigail and also Mercy are left alone, and also they try to rouse Betty to no avail.The 2 girls decision their official story will certainly be the they were just dancing, and there was no magic involved. Then, one more teenage girl called Mary Warren start the room.She was likewise with them in the forest the ahead night, and she is convinced they must confess come what they’ve done since of the rumors swirling around.

Suddenly, Betty gets a explode of energy.She reveals that Abby drank chicken blood in the forest in an attempt to actors a spell to death Elizabeth Proctor.Abigail slaps her and tells everyone that they had much better stay quiet about the details the what yes, really happened. Abigail states that she"s checked out some stuff (i.e. Her parents to be murdered by aboriginal Americans ideal in front of her), therefore she has actually no qualms around resorting come violence to force them to keep her secret.

John Proctor, a farmer, climate enters the room.He yells at mary Warren, who is his servant, for leaving his house when the forbid her from doing so.Mary and Mercy both leave, and also Abigail and also John space left alone. Abigail and also John had an affair the was found by his wife, which to be the reason for she dismissal from your household. Abigail is tho in love with Proctor, however he desires to distance himself native her and also recommit come Elizabeth.Abigail is angry and also frustrated the he i will not ~ return her advances.She insults his wife and also continues to firmly insist that that still loves her.

Their attention is diverted due to the fact that Betty beginning whimpering after the words “going up to Jesus” are uttered in the psalm civilization are singing in the various other room. ReverendParris, the Putnams, and Mercy Lewis all rush in to check on her.Ann Putnam is persuaded that they uncomfortable Betty by speak the Lord’s name and also that she reaction clearly means that she is bewitched with black magic.

Rebecca Nurse, and old and highly respected woman in Salem, beginning the room together with an old male named Giles Corey.Rebecca stand calmly alongside the bed,and Betty quiets down.Everyone is impressed with this, and the Putnams questioning if Rebecca can also help Ruth, but Rebecca doesn"t think there"s anything supernatural going on. Betty is just acting up as kids are vulnerable to do. Man Proctor concerns Reverend Parris ~ above his decision to summon Reverend Hale. This action seems to suggest that Parris believes witchcraft could be the resource of Betty’s illness.Rebecca says that they have to rely on the doctor and also avoiding bringing Reverend Hale into the situation because it will cause unnecessary conflict.Thomas Putnam takes problem with this, and also he tells Parris that when Reverend Hale come they should look for signs of witchcraft.

Proctor claims Putnam can not tell Parris what to do just due to the fact that Putnam owns a lot of land in the town.Putnam fires ago that the hasn’t checked out Proctor in church recently, for this reason he clearly doesn’t care that much around upholding the verity of your society.Proctor cases he doesn’t walk to church due to the fact that all Parris talks about is Hell.Parris states that a lot of people in Salem must hear much more about Hell since he hasn’t been effectively compensated because that his job based upon his qualifications.He then suggests that Proctor is the leader the a faction against him in the church.Proctor is unaware the the visibility of this faction, but he states he would gladly join it because he’s fed up v Parris’ superiority complex.

He expects Giles Corey to it is in on his side, yet Giles all of sudden suports Parris due to the fact that he thinks there may be something come the witchcraft hypothesis.Giles has remained in court 6 times that year for miscellaneous lawsuits. He says that everyone has been suing each otherleft and also right, therefore there should be some type of dark magic going on behind the scenes.Proctor points out that Giles is the reason of numerous of this suits due to the fact that he is always suing world for defamation for no reason. Proctor and Putnam controversy briefly around who owns a details tract the land close to the woods wherein Proctor to plan on gathering lumber.It transforms out that there is a lot of ambiguity in Salem over who owns which tracts of land because in his will Putnam’s grandfather claimed land the he didn’t in reality own.

Reverend Hale enters the room v a stack of scholastic books.He speak briefly with everyone, and also it’s clear the he’s well-respected. Hale views the examination of witchcraft together serious clinical inquiry.He makes everyone agree not to push the issue if the doesn’t uncover anything pointing to the Devil’s work.He carried the books because they describe all the various forms the adversary can take. Through this details on hand, he"s certain that he can uncover out even if it is Betty"s illness is linked to the work-related of Satan. Rebecca Nurse is cynical of the totality situation, and also she leaves the room before Hale begins his investigation.Giles tries come consult Hale about his wife, Martha, who he says has actually been reading strange books.He is worried that this might signify miscellaneous sinister since he was unable come say his prayers if she to be reading.Hale is somewhat intrigued and also says castle can talk about the issue later.

Hale addresses Betty, questioning her if someone is bewitching her. Betty does not respond come his inquiries at first.Abigail is pressed with more questions around what exactly was going on in the woods.Parris says that once he come upon the girls, he saw that they had actually a kettle with a frog in it.Faced with this damning proof of black color magic, Abigail admits the Tituba called the Devil.Tituba is dragged into the room to face these charges.Immediately, Abigail areas all the reference on her, claiming that Tituba made she drink chicken blood from the kettle.Tituba protests that Abigail was the one that instigated the conference in the woods, yet she is drowned out by further accusations native Abigail.Parris and Hale additionally talk over she attempts to define herself.

Parris states Tituba should confess come what she’s done or he will whip she to death, and Putnam claims she must be hung.Tituba is terrified, for this reason she division down and also says the evil one forced her to work for him.She claims someone rather is bewitching Betty since she’s viewed other human being with the Devil.Putnam, Parris, and also Hale encourage her to phone call them that she has seen (and plant the names of Goody good and Goody Osburn in she mind together potential witches).They claim that after renouncing she allegiance to the Devil, she is now God’s instrument in the village sent to help them i found it the full level of his Satanic plot.

Tituba claims the evil one told she to death Reverend Parris, and he promised her a better life if she functioned for him.She insurance claims that she saw Goody good (Sarah Good) and Goody Osburn (Sarah Osburn) through the Devil.Goody Osburn to be Ann Putnam’s midwife three times, so this accusation confirms the Putnams" suspicions the witchcraft was involved in the deaths of your babies.Abigail soon chimes in v her very own hysterical set of confessions, claiming thatshe experienced the Devil and wrote in his book.Abigail adds much more people to the perform of the accused.Betty unexpectedly wakes up and also joins her in shouting out extr accusations.Hale and also Parris rejoice at Betty"s noticeable miraculous recovery.Putnam summons the marshal so the they have the right to arrest the witches and also bring them to justice.

The evil one apparently has actually some type of distinct friendship book that the makes people sign when they join his crew. Adorable.

The CrucibleAct 1 Quotes

In this section, I"ll walk over a few quotes that i think are necessary in establishing the themes and characterizations that arise in plot 1.

“I have combated here three lengthy years to bending these stiff-necked civilization to me, and also now, just now when some an excellent respect is rising for me in the parish, you weaken my very character.” (Reverend Parris pg. 11)

This quote reflects the gravity through which Parris see his place in the town and also the level of authority he thinks should accompany it.He’s less focused on spreading the word of God than on exploiting his position as a spiritual authority so he can obtain greater strength in the community. now his reputation may be ruined, which way he’ll be back to square one and also have to rebuild the manage he has operated so difficult to acquire.

“My name is an excellent in the village! I will certainly not have it said my name is soiled! Goody Proctor is a gossiping liar!” (Abigail Williams pg. 12)

The worth of a person"s surname is a recurring topic in The Crucible. Reputation is hugely crucial to these characters since it’s inextricably attached to respect and power in a extremely interdependent community. here Abigail shifts the focus away indigenous her very own reputation by trashing the call of Goody Proctor.If she have the right to convince world that Goody Proctor is not to be trusted, the rumors about her own sins will shed credibility.

“Let one of two people of you breathe a word, or the edge of a word, about the various other things, and I will pertained to you in the black color of some destructive night and also I will bring a pointy reckoning that will shudder you. And also you understand I have the right to do it; I saw Indians smash mine dear parents’ heads on the pillow next to mine, and also I have actually seen part reddish job-related done in ~ night, and I have the right to make you great you had actually never watched the sunlight go down!” (Abigail Williams pg. 19)

Abigail endangers the various other girls with violence if they dare tell anyone the she make the efforts to kill Goody Proctor with black magic. This quote tells us that Abigail has actually experienced severe emotional trauma in the past that almost certainly influence her current mental state.It also gives united state a taste the how much she’s ready to go to accomplish her preferred outcome and/or exact revenge.

“I look for man Proctor who took me from mine sleep and also put understanding in my heart! I never knew what pretense Salem was, I never ever knew what lied lessons ns was teach by all these Christian women and their covenanted men! and also now friend bid me tear the light the end of my eyes?” (Abigail Williams pg. 22)

Abigail pleads v John Proctor to continue their affair, i m sorry she feels has enlightened her to the hypocrisy the permeates Salem’s culture.She can not go earlier to she ignorant state ~ she’s currently seen the light, and also the work is the just outlet accessible to her to feel special and different within a community where she has small power or outlets for moral expression.After John"s rejection, her angst will find another, even much more destructive course to follow.

“There space wheels within wheels in the village, and fires within fires!” (Ann Putnam pg. 26)

Ann Putnam claims this since she’s persuaded that there are supernatural Satanic forces conspiring versus her that have led come her family members misfortunes.However, this quote has a much broader secular definition that applies to the events in the beat overall.There are all kinds of underlying motivations that trigger accusations of witchcraft in Salem.Petty vengeance, greed, and jealousy space festering beneath the surface ar of an outwardly respectable community, and also they’re about to discover their release.

“We cannot look come superstition in this. The evil one is precise; the clues of his visibility are definite as stone, and I must tell you all that i shall not proceed unless you are prepared to think me if ns should discover no bruise of Hell top top her.” (Reverend Hale pg. 35)

From our contemporary viewpoint, this quote is a very solid example of irony. Bysearching for marks the the Devil’s visibility in the an initial place, Hale has already subscribed come superstition.People are also condemned transparent the rest of the play for involvement through the evil one when yes absolutely no hard proof besides the word of one various other person.Hale"s follow to scientific principles will give him just sufficient insight to watch the injustices that have been committed in Salem ~ it"s too late because that him to turn ago the tide of hysteria.

I"m not sure what Hale intended to find. A pentagram ankle tattoo? A small souvenir pitchfork? A button that claims "Satan 4 Prez"? Eh, ns guess there room a many possibilities.

The CrucibleAct 1 object Analysis

Let"s walk over several of the play"s vital themes and how castle relate to the very first act.


Irony and hypocrisy room recurring concepts in The Crucible. Over there are number of exchanges in plot 1 that room rife v irony. Abigail cases that man Proctor opened up her eyes to the ~ pretend of Salem (pg. 22). She realized every the lies she’d to be told by people who supposedly adhered come the conventions the respectable society.However, in distress indigenous Proctor’s refuse to acknowledge their relationship, Abigail creates her very own lies that give her increased manage over the culture she resents.By placing on a false front to advance her status and get what she wants, she becomes similar to the hypocrites she cases to despise.

The most prominent example of dramatic irony in this plot is the quote indigenous Hale (pg. 35) the was explained in the critical section. Hale cases that they should avoid superstition and hasty conclusions in their investigation of Betty’s affliction. We, the modern-day audience, recognize that searching because that "the Devil"s marks" as the potential reason of one ailment is an inherently superstitious practice. Hale, however, is convinced that a scientific inquiry based only on facts and also reality have the right to be performed to detect a superordinary presence.


In plot 1 it i do not care clear exactly how mass hysteria can evolve out of desires for self-preservation. Once Abigail admits the Ruth and Tituba to be conjuring spirits, thomas Putnam urges Parris to go on the offensive immediately with this information. If he makes his own accusations of witchcraft, he will avoid others from accusing him an initial and putting his credibility at stake. As rumors of witchcraft spread, this fear-driven ideology will it is in universally adopted, top to an ext and much more accusations and also an setting of paranoia.

The speed at i m sorry rumors morph into welcomed truths is too quick for a few rational voices to contain them. Although Parris only calls Reverend Hale to study Betty as a precaution, people assume the Hale’s involvement way there must be a supernatural facet to she illness.Even together Parris do the efforts to avoid supernatural explanations to protect his reputation, the is quickly captured up in the misplaced interpretations the others and forced to embrace them together his own so that he isn"t gobbledup by the hysteria monster.

It i do not care abundantly clear the people see only what they desire to view (i.e. Everything keeps castle in the great graces the society) in instances that don"t appear to have easy rational explanations. Ann Putnam, because that example, will certainly seize at any kind of opportunity to blame supernatural pressures for the deaths of she children.Extreme conclusions choose Ann"s "a witch murdered my babies v black magic" space accepted due to the fact that rational human being are as well afraid to an obstacle this consensus and also risk happen accusations upon themselves.


Reverend Parris" concerns around his call take center stage, so come speak, in action 1. Parris originally insists the there space “no unnatural causes” for Betty’s illness, not since he’s committed to science and rationality, but due to the fact that he fears the he will be disgraced if witchcraft is uncovered under his roof.He interrogates Abigail due to the fact that he’s worried his adversaries will learn the complete story an initial and usage it come discredit him. When he it s okay confirmation from Abigail that part witchy business happened in the woods, he is fast to place himself top top the next of the accusers and also threaten violence top top Tituba if she doesn"t confess (pg. 42). He has actually no central belief system beyond a desire to carry out what provides him look finest in the eye of the majority.

Abigail is likewise concerned around her reputation. She is enraged as soon as Parris insinuates the there to be something untoward about her dismissal indigenous the Proctors’ service.She insists the she has done nothing wrong and tries to discredit Elizabeth Proctor to divert attention far from her own actions. "My name is an excellent in the village! I will certainly not have it said my name is soiled! Goody Proctor is a gossiping liar!" (pg. 12).

These actions and also reactions in plot 1 develop the importance that characters place on maintaining respect for their names. A negative reputation have the right to severely influence a person’s place in this small, interdependent society, even if it is the assumptions or rumors swirling roughly are true or not.

Power and also Authority

The church has actually a good deal of power in Salem, and therefore lot of the authority we see exercised in the play is connected with religion. Reverend Parris is right now in a position of strength as the town"s spirituality leader. However, he is encouraged there is a faction in city that is figured out to unseat him, and he will say and also do every little thing it takes to retain control.He demands unconditional respect for his authority together God’s tool in the community. From his allude of view,"There is either obedience or the church will certainly burn choose Hell is burning!" (pg. 28)

Abigail, ~ above the various other hand, battles to insurance claim greater agency outside of classic means. Her leading personality doesn"t fit v her low standing in society as a young woman with no family. Initially, she watch a route to greater standing in culture through ending up being John Proctor’s wife. When he rejects her, she takes another route come power v accusations that exploit the fears of rather to a point where even the many respected people in town space afraid to challenge her.

The power framework in Salem is additionally responsible because that the blame heaped top top Tituba and the misinterpretations the follow.Tituba has actually the the very least authority out of anyone, for this reason it’s easy for Abigail to use her together a scapegoat. IfTituba was permitted to describe what yes, really happened, the tragic occasions of the rest of the play can have to be prevented. However, she is only offered a voice once she agrees come corroborate the version of occasions that the human being in classic positions that authority think to be accurate.She becomes, according to Hale, "God"s instrument put in our hands to discover the Devil"s agents amongst us" (pg. 44) after she renounces she presumed allegiance to the Devil and accepts her function as a pawn to be offered by those with higher power.

As has actually been the case throughout history in both fiction and also reality, the desire for power ends up costing way too numerous innocent people their lives.

The Crucible action 1 Summary:Conclusion

In action 1 that The Crucible, the root of the witch hysteria room established, and we learn an important background information around many the the characters. Let"s do a super brief bullet suggest recap that the crucial plot points:

The beat is collection in the town of Salem, MA, and the year is 1692.

Betty Parris, a young girl, is sick, however no one can figure out why.

Rumors spread roughly town the she"s to be bewitched.

Betty"s dad is Reverend Parris, the new-ish church leader in Salem, that is paranoid around his reputation among the townspeople.

Abigail Williams, Reverend Parris" teenage niece and also Betty"s cousin, is questioned by Parris about the cause of Betty"s illness.

He knows that Abigail, Betty, and Parris" slave, Tituba, to be dancing in the woods the night before and perhaps conducting some type of ritual.

Abigail cases there to be no witchcraft involved.

Abigail had actually an affair with a farmer called John Proctor while serving in his house, and she"s still into him, yet he desires to forget it ever happened.

Betty states that Abigail do the efforts to put a curse ~ above John"s wife, Elizabeth Proctor, in bespeak to death her and also take her place, but no one else knows about this, and Abigail alerts her to save quiet.

Reverend Hale, the church leader native the city of Beverley, is summoned to study Betty due to the fact that he"s an experienced on witchcraft.

Tituba is accused of phone call the Devil in the woods based upon Abigail"s testimony, and also she confesses under push from Hale.

Tituba names Goody good and Goody Osburn as other witches after their names room suggested.

Abigail plays the victim and also accuses more women that witchcraft.

Betty wakes up and also makes accusations of her own, complying with Abigail"s lead.

In act 2, you have the right to look forward to learning an ext about the state the the Proctors" marriage and also just how crazy things have gotten in Salem in the weeks ~ the early accusations. Also, john Proctor throw a couple of more tantrums borne of emotional immaturity, so obtain PUMPED.

What"s Next?

If you desire a complete an overview of the whole play fairly than just one act, we"ve gained you covered. Inspect out ours holistic summary article to evaluation what wake up from begin to finish.

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