What is the answer to number 46 top top the difficult quiz?

The answer choices are “Best flash ever”, “Meh”, “OMGF U death SONIKKU U BASTUD”, and also a picture of a human being showing one more person his flaming hand if the other person seems happy, or excited. The price is “OMGF U death SONIKKU U BASTUD”.

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What is the answer to 44 on the difficult quiz?

The answer to this question has to proceed the dialogue of the game’s intro, for this reason the correct option is “What you say!!”, which was the reaction the the game’s main character after being told what had happened.

What is the answer come 47 on difficult quiz?

The best method to perform so is aligning the cursor with the allude of the cursor on the “Vanish” bottle when it is at its lowest point of the screen. This is a safe question, which way that you can click where you desire on the screen and you won’t lose any type of lives for any type of misclick friend make.

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What is the answer because that number 48 top top the impossible quiz?

SnaaaakeThe question is a recommendation to a game Over display in the Metal equipment Solid series, wherein the Mission Control characters would repeatedly speak to out the name of snake (the game’s protagonist), concluding with a slightly an extensive repetition of the name. For this reason to complete what the question says, the prize is “Snaaaake!”.

How to answer question 45 in the impossible quiz?

Question 45 indigenous the difficult Quiz is just one of the two questions created by metal Alex. The question/task and all 4 answer selections have all been composed in Wingdings font. Her job right here is to one of two people decode everything and also answer the inquiry according come what it in reality says, or just go trial-and-error and also until you discover the exactly option.

What walk the sign median on the difficult quiz?

sign blocks the row of Skips so the the question is unskippable. Over there is a keyboard on the display screen with clickable letters. Above the key-board is a post saying “Neigh! Whinny!” and a black color silhouette of a horse.

How perform you resolve the impossible quiz in Minecraft?

Above the keyboard is a message saying “Neigh! Whinny!” and also a black silhouette of a horse. To resolve this question, you require to kind “horse” using the in-game keyboard, since a horse makes the sounds pointed out by the message, not to mention there’s the horse’s silhouette appropriate there. If you finish the question, the letters will turn green.

Which is the exactly answer to the question 94?

Answer 94: The bomb is a dud or Wait for the respond to to mite down; the bomb is a dud.

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